August 2

I tried to be thankful yesterday Internet, but WordPress would not let me access my blog.

I sure hope you were thankful without me.


I am a big fan of those family bathrooms that most stores now have.

I like them because if you need to be stinky, no one else is in another stall next to you thinking ‘ewwww who IS that over there’ while your sitting there thinking ‘I hope no one I know is in here’.

Then when your finished you might wait an extra minute or two to make sure that your neighbor has already left so they can not see who was stinking up the place.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.


So, I like the family bathrooms.

Saturday, Superman and I went to Stuffmart early in the morning to get some shopping done.

We were almost finished when I took a detour to the family bathroom in the back of the store.

I walked in and the lights automatically turned on.

Way!  Cool!   Motion sensored lights.

I hadn’t been sitting long when the lights went out.   It was as big a shock as when the tanning bed turns off, and your instantly cold.

So, because I knew they were motion sensored, I began flailing my arms.


More flailing.

More darkness.

So I called out to Superman.

“Superman!   The lights went out…..can you get the door open?”


“No…I can’t.

So I picked my purse up off the floor and began to swing it around hoping that it might catch the sensor.


“Superman, try again!”

More noise coming from the door.

“Sorry, your just going to have to finish in the dark.”

Desperate flailing now…the arms they were all over the place, and I almost threw my purse.   And I’m thinking….go get a maintainance man already!!!

Just when I thought I was doomed to doing my paperwork in the blackness, the door sprung open and there stood Superman with a knife in his hand, and fluorescent lights never looked so beautiful.

It also made me very grateful that Stuffmart doesn’t put quality locks on their family bathroom doors.

Next time, I’m not taking any chances, I’m bringing someone in with me.



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6 thoughts on “August 2”

  1. Family restrooms in most stores now? Hmmm, never heard of such a thing, but then I am in the upper right quadrant of the country. Things take time to reach us. Interesting plight you were in there, glad that you’re married to Superman.

  2. I haven’t used the Family Restrooms in WM in several years now though I don’t recall there being sensor lights in there just the light always being on.

    That is kind of funny about the lights going out. I would have figured that that was a power outage.

    Rather than taking someone in with you just make sure you have a small flashlight in your purse.

  3. Superman should’ve had a video camera! That would’ve been a great ‘Funniest Home Video’ for Bob Saget to make fun of.

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