July 26

Oh Internet.

I have never been burnt this bad.

I can not sleep.

And even a cold shower causes pain.

I heart aloe vera.

Last week, I went to a Pampered Chef party.

I ordered a mix’n’chop.

I ordered this because I have been told that I can not live without it.

Peer pressure.

It seems to work.

Tell me, what is your favorite Pampered Chef item?


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14 thoughts on “July 26”

  1. it will be days before you feel like human again….i bet you will never forget sunscreen again!!!
    i have a bowl from pampered chef..it keep your salads cool..some type of inter water freezing thingy…it is wonderful for taking cold items. they have a small and large size i have both.
    their stones are wonderful too!!

  2. I once was so badly sun burnt that my blisters had blisters and my lips cracked and bled. It hurts just thinking about it. I’m so sorry, honey!!!

    Aloe vera is awesome, isn’t it? You’re keeping it in the fridge, right? When it’s cold and going on – ahhhh….

    Confession: I don’t have anything pampered chef. I’ve never even seen one of their catalogs. Frankly – well, I’m a little afraid that is associated with MLM…. I guess that makes me a bit of a wimp.

  3. Your sunburn looks just aweful. When I was a kid my mom would put Noxema on our sunburns, I think the mentol cools it off or something. Always made us feel better.

    Pampered chef used to have these super sharp little paring knives I loved, they were like a buck, I dont know if they have them anymore, they were awesome!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Keep yourself hydrated too. My favorite pampered chef item is my pizza cutter. I would love to have one of their ice cream scoops,but alas,’tis too expensive.

  5. Oh there’s nothing much worse…so sorry about that burn. Favorite Pampered Chef item is my tomato knife. Love that thing! Are they paying us?

  6. I use their little all-purpose spreaders nearly every day and usually a couple times a day. I have a stash of these b/c they make wonderful little “happies”.

    Have you tried some vinegar soaks on your burn?

  7. ohh you poor baby. are you drinking lots of water? time is not on your side now, but will be soon.
    never heard of pampered chef.
    i also heard an oatmeal bath helps, but not sure on that one.

  8. Ohhhh, I feel bad that you’re in so much pain. Just think that with each day, you are getting better. So, right now shouldn’t be as bad as an hour or a day ago. 🙂

    I have never owned a pampered chef product, so I can’t answer your question. I think I need to own at least one gadget, though hahaha.

  9. I just saw your pic. 😯 Aloe + coconut oil + essential oil of lavender has saved my skin more than once. I hope you can sleep tonight!

    My favorite PC items are my stoneware. Love. Them. And the silicone spatulas. And their measuring cups that you don’t have to bend down to read. And their bread knife. And…

  10. I like my skillet. I got a small (I think 6″) skillet that has a really nice weight to it. Also, I have a small whisk. It’s supposed to be a drink frother or something but it’s perfect for beating up a few eggs for scrambled eggs and you just soak it in a cup with soapy water and rinse to clean it. I think those are my top picks.

  11. I have a circular pizza stone and we love how homemade pizza tastes cooked on that thing!
    I hope you can sleep soon and this burn just fades away quickly!

  12. I’m so sorry about your burn! 😦

    Hands down, my favorite PC piece is the can opener that I refused to buy for years… 18 bucks, NO. WAY! Finally did it, got it 1/2 price after hosting a party and have kicked myself for the past 6 years for not having just bought the darn thing sooner…would TOTALLY pay full price again for one!

  13. I’m hoping that you are feeling better by now.

    I have a confession. My SIL once gave me a pampered chef pie plate. I couldn’t clean the thing, so, I threw it away.

    While I don’t like their unglazed cookery, I LOVE my PC wooden toaster tongs. LOVE THEM.

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