July 20

Today is TWD day.

Today’s recipe is Lot’s of Ways Banana Cake.

Again with fruit in cake.

Again, I did not make.

I do, however have a poll question for you all.

Have you ever had Italian Buttercream?   Swiss ButtercreamFrench Buttercream?

Which do you like better on a cake?

Or do you prefer a cake decorator icing?

I need to know.

I want to know.

Tell me….tell me…tell meeeee………



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20 thoughts on “July 20”

  1. i love swiss meringue buttercream (i actually don’t notice too much taste difference btwn that and italian buttercream, but swiss is easier to make). i thought i learned in school that french buttercream uses yolks, but your recipe has whites, so i’m not sure what that one’s like.

  2. A most excellent question. First, I don’t like cake, so when I find one that I enjoy, it is a big deal. Second, I despise frosting, as in I will pick it off.

    So, I think you get the idea that I’m really picky. Of the three buttercreams, the Swiss is the one I like best, but I dislike buttercream. My favorite frostings are ganache, and plain, old fashioned frosting made with butter and confectioner’s sugar!

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by – I, too, am beyond excited that I’m finally going to my beloved King Arthur Flour.

  3. I Love Andra’s Buttercream Frosting recipe. I DO NOT like Litty’s cake icing and I think it is one of those you mentioned.

  4. I loved this cake. Bananas are the only fruit in cake I will accept.

    Sooooo…to answer your question, I have a deep disdain for buttercream. I don’t enjoy making it, and I don’t like the way it tastes. I love frosting the way my mother always made it-with butter, confectioner’s sugar and flavorings.

  5. French buttercream – totally to die for! When I learned how to make it in baking school I nearly wept in gratitude! LOL! Beaverton Bakery cake with French buttercream – NOTHING better.

  6. I did make Swiss buttercream once. It was good, but I don’t know if I’d take the time to make it again. Maybe for a banana cake though! I don’t think of banana as fruit. 😉

  7. I’ve never tried any of the meringue based buttercreams but maybe I’ll give it a shot on the Angel food cake I’m making this weekend.

    I have two “go to” frostings. One is my basic buttercream but I use extra butter for extra deliciousness and I also like to use the frosting that I use on my Red Waldorf cake. I don’t use the creama cheese icing but it’s more of a Twinkie frosting. You have to cook flour and milk to make a paste and then mix it with granulated sugar and of course lots of butta (think I may be a distant relative of Paula Deene)

  8. I like all the types of frosting you listed. The so-called non-buttercream with only butter &/or shortening, powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla is my favorite because it is quick to make and can be as sweet as you want it to be. The other buttercreams have a silkier texture and tend to be less sweet. They also require more work that depend a lot on a candy thermometer. So, again, my favorite is the easy, sweeter one, even though many chefs do not consider it a buttercream.

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