July 19

Remember my beautiful Rose of Sharon “fence”?

Well, over the last month, something freaky-deeky has happened to them.

So last Thursday…very early before the bee’s began buzzing, I went out and trimmed this first bush so that people walking down the sidewalk wouldn’t get attacked by my lovely bushs.

I just cut about a foot off of each limb, and voila….bush is back.

So I asked Superman to do the rest, because …..bees!   they scare me.

He butchered my ‘fence’.


Superman….he is there right now.



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9 thoughts on “July 19”

  1. did you consult anyone when the proper time it was to trim said bushes???or how far to prune them back each year??? if not….let superman out of dog house

    old Chinese proverb….want job done right…do self


    1. I had already pruned them back at the proper time, but the way they were droopy, they were in the neighbor lady’s air conditioner.

      I showed him how I wanted it done, I even told him “no more than a foot off the limbs”, but he took 6-7 feet off of many of them.

  2. Which is why I prefer actual fences. That said I want to use Colorado Blue Spruce trees as a natural barrier between one neighbor and us.

    Love that clip. My hubby has been really good about getting me gifts. He has only bought me gadgets/appliances/tools for a special gift if I have actually said that I specifically asked for it and given him all the details of it.

    I’m probably one of the few women I know who really doesn’t want her hubby to buy her lots of bling – a new handgun would be so much better!

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