July 18

Today I am thankful for…

♥  Air conditioning.    Especially in my car.   Oh…how I have tried to be frugal and not run it, but I just can not seem to turn it off.

♥  That The Boy and The Blondie both have jobs.

♥  My parents love my children and can not wait to spend time with them.

♥  Today is National Ice Cream Day…which means that I should probably celebrate it…right???


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5 thoughts on “July 18”

  1. I love my air conditioning.

    National Ice Cream Day ? Nobody told me. I must remedy this.

    I am thankful for my grandchildren, but they live in California and do not get me too often.

    I am thankful for having had a christian mother. She would have been 83 today and is celebrating in heaven. Without her Godly influence I would not be the person I am today. Thanks Mom 🙂

  2. Oh, you are a really good girl to go without AC in the car. Yes, one must take advantage of these made-up holidays. I tried to take advantage of it today, but the ice cream stand was only selling vanilla. Plain old vanilla soft serve. No thanks.

  3. I’m glad the Bs both have jobs. Maybe they’ve had them all along and I’ve totally missed that fact. Happens a lot with me.

    We had an ice cream social after evening service last night. 🙂

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