July 14

Yesterday morning, I took the girl to the dentist.

We haven’t been in almost a year.

It is for this reason that I deserve a Mother of the Year award.

I am pleased to report that she has no cavities, but she has stress and clenches her jaw, which is causing her entire mouth to hurt.

The doc suggested braces.

Because I’m Mother of the Year material,  she is getting a Walmart mouth guard.



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  1. Wow, you are a mother I can really relate to! I also would have braved the crowds at the closest Walmart and opted to get a top of the line mouth guard. You are way too funny and I am still giggling!

  2. I just got back from the dentist myself. I now have one less tooth to brush…and right now half my face feels like it isn’t there. looked in the mirror to see if it was. Thanks for sending me that picture.

  3. I suffer from horrible TMJ and paid $2000 6 years ago to be treated by a specialist. They made me a custom guard and I couldn’t stand it. In the end the only thing that stopped the pain was stress relief. When I am stressed it flairs up and when I am not it goes away. I am a clencher and I wouldn’t even waste the money on the Walmart guard at this point.

  4. I did that too starting in my later teens & continued to do it in times of stress. you don’t even realise you are clenching. it is sometimes a safety valve. many times I would do it instead of saying something that i might regret later. I still clench in real stressful situations. When I realise I am, I try to relax my mouth. Sometimes it’s really hard to let go. I think many introverts develop that habit as a way of keeping their cool in tough tense situations. It hurts your jaw but it helps your nerves. I never got a mouth guard for it but I probably should have. as you can guess I had sore mouth muscles for much of 34 years.

  5. Does the dentist offer a payment plan? That’s the only way that I could afford the braces my daughter needed for TMJ. I also clench and those OTC guards didn’t work for me at all. They held my jaws too far apart and the jaws ached worse than ever. How about a second opinion? Wishing your daughter all the best because it is a real pain.

  6. yes please tell her to wear a nightguard of some sort. i found out in my 30’s that i was jaw-clenching and it hurt a couple of my teeth (I don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to repair right?). i only wish i was told at a younger age to wear a nightguard–they would have saved me teeth and money. also it took me a few diff brands before i found one that works for me…so she might hate some and love some..

  7. You really touched a nerve today, CC. My dentist said I was a ‘grinder’ and a ‘clencher’. He gave me a custom made night guard, but, just the discomfort of the guard around my teeth made me grind all the more. Melissa is absolutely right…get rid of the stress….the clenching goes away. (I sure do hope I’m not causing any stress for my boss!)

  8. Hi Mother-of-the-Year. 🙂

    I am also a nighttime clencher and have found a wonderful, rather small, affordable, mouth guard that works great! You can get it at Target and at many drugstores. Also, it doesNOT have to be boiled to fit; you almost can’t tell that you’re wearing one.

    The brand name is SleepRight by Splintek and it comes in three different sizes. It also has a warranty so if you bite through it, like yours truly did, they’ll replace it for FREE! It works really well and has helped me cut down on the number of teeth I was breaking…yes, breaking, due to clenching. I find it much more fun to just eat my way through stress, rather than clenching.

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