July 12

Hey there Internet.

  • I am struggling to keep my eyes open.   I haven’t been sleeping well, and the dreary isn’t helping much.
  • Sunday morning, while waiting for everyone else to get ready for church, I was on Facebook, listening to Fox News.   FN was saying that some 60+ percent of women get on Facebook every morning before they even brush their teeth.   Ewwwwww!    Some even get up in the middle of the night to answer posts.  For the record, I make my bed, shower, check my email, and type my blog all before getting on Facebook.  Take that statisticians.
  • I have had the urge to knit.   Now I generally don’t get that urge in the summer months because ….well I don’t know why.  But I have started another pair of socks.  They are ugly.   But I continue to knit them because that urge…it is fierce.   I might take a picture later.
  • The girl continues to look for a job.   However, since unemployment in Pothole is almost 15%…not many jobs are to be found.

PS.   I’m hungry.

PPS.  I couldn’t care less about Labron James.

The end.



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11 thoughts on “July 12”

  1. Every morning, I get up, use the bathroom, turn on the computer, make my tea, check email and then check in on Facebook. I spend about the next hour on the computer before finally eating breakfast, cleaning one room of my house and then taking a shower. It’s usually 10am before I am fully functional.

  2. My computer time is right after I send the kids to school in the morning. Or in the summer time, first thing in the morning.
    And then again in the late evening. I have dial-up, and only the one phone line, so these are the 2 times of day when I can spend some time online and not be thinking someone might be trying to phone. Not like anyone phones very often, but if they were going to, it would be when I’m on the computer. That’s just how Murphy’s Law works 🙂

  3. I get on facebook in the middle of the night when my dog decides she must go out to potty.

    P.S. I’m with ya on Labron James.

  4. Is it bad that I don’t really know who Labron James is?

    Yeah – so with you on the knitting thing. I typically knit a tad during the summer – more likely to find me crocheting in the summer – but I feel the deep need to knit this year. Maybe making up for lost time after the past year of sickness and not being able to knit as much. That, and the project I’m about to kick off with our knitting group – trying to make a home-crafted something for each one of the 1600+ homeless students in our school district. Dang – what am I doing on the computer? I better get back to knitting!

  5. Who is Labron James anyway? I get on facebook whenever I can get Uncle Jim off the computer.
    Dina, 1600 homeless students? How very sad.
    Unemployment is very high here in Springfield too.

    1. Yes – it is sad, isn’t it? Sadder still – most of these kids carry most of their worldly goods in a duffle bag – that may or may not be there when they return from school. Most of them get a few nights in one place before they are forced to move on elsewhere. The school district is working to make sure that the kids are able to safeguard their belogings by taking them and securing them at school for them. Hence our project. Someone has donated a duffle bag for each kid. Another church is doing a gift card drive to give each kid (ages 5 to 18) a card that will allow them to get a meal somewhere, maybe a change of clothes, a few school supplies. And we’re trying to make sure they’ll at least have a warm hat, scarf, maybe gloves or mittens. Another group is trying to quilt a small blanket for each kid. So much work to do! So worth the effort! Such a great reminder that we are richly blessed!

  6. I identify with almost everything you wrote today.

    1. I haven’t been sleeping well for months. I fall asleep at 5am and wake up at 12 noon or later.

    2. I don’t hardly use facebook at all so beat that statistics! 😀

    3. I don’t knit, but I would love to know how.

    4. I’m looking for a job in the state with (one of) the worst employment rate – California. *sigh*

    5. I don’t care about Lebron James either even though we share the same last name haha. I don’t even get why I keep hearing his name.

  7. Just checking to see if I can comment today…have not been able to most days for some time now. Prolly should email with this info.

    Fifteen per cent is an awful figure. It can get pretty discouraging.

    Hope the sun comes back with a high weather system.

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