July 6

Today is TWD day.

Dharmagirl of Bliss: towards a delicious life chose Tarte Noire.

It is a chocolate tarte filled with a ganache.

And shocker of all shockers…. I didn’t make it.

What I did make was an apple pie and deviled eggs for our families 4th of July get together.

I came home with more than I took.

The rest of my apple pie~~which….note to self, don’t just use all green apples.   Tart apple pie is just not as good as a not tart apple pie~~, some banana split cake, and buns.

I just don’t need the extra dessert.

Next week is going to be brownies, and I will definitely be making these.


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8 thoughts on “July 6”

  1. I also like to use all tart apples, I just compensate with a bit of extra brown sugar.
    looks super yummy to me!!
    I also love deviled eggs but never make them cause they smell-up the fridge.

  2. I was actually really looking forward to seeing the twack idea of a plain chocolate tart you would cook up. Too bad then. I’ll be watching out for next week’s brownies then! Cheerios.

  3. Yahoo, let’s hear it for Apple Pie, my kind of dessert. Between you and me, it was really nice not having to look at one more chocolate entry this week…you know me and chocolate-not-chic! Happy 4th a little late, sounds like you had a great time.

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