July 1

I’m bullet blogging today because I have been out of ginkgo for awhile and the brain…it is foggy.

  • I’m taking the girl to see Eclipse this afternoon.   I really hope that it is better than New Moon.   I was really disappointed in New Moon, because it didn’t show the intensity between Bella and Edward.   However, any opportunity to see Taylor Lautner with his shirt off is a good time.
  • The Blondie bought some Gain for their laundry.   Now I have heard lots of bad about the Gain, so I never even considered purchasing it, but now that I have smelled the Gain, I am being tempted away from the Tide.   Gain smells sooooooo good.   Thanks a lot Blondie, you are making me turn traitor!
  • I have never shelled peas.   And Superman brought home some peas that need to be shelled.   Not only that, I have no idea how to cook shelled peas.    I have only done the open, dump, cook for 5 minutes on the stove, serve kind of thing.  I’m spoiled.
  • Because of all the rain we have had at the beginning of this year, the strawberries are gross.   If they are ripe, most of them are rotten, and the ones that we get at the store are lovely and red on the outside, but the inside is white and tasteless.   I am forlorn, because I heart me some fresh strawberries.   Blueberry shortcake is good, but it just isn’t strawberry.
  • My good Nikon lens has finally given up the ghost.   The auto focus went out first, but now it won’t even focus at all.  Dear Santa, you know what I want.    Can you come early?   Please?



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21 thoughts on “July 1”

  1. Congrats to B & D! (Blondie and Dagwood, right?). My Grandma(McCarty) used to get us kids interested in a kind of game of shelling peas or, even better, lima beans. Somehow, it didn’t seem like work when we did things with Grandma.

  2. I agree about New Moon…It did not live up to my expectations. I hope Eclipse is better.

    What?! Your son got married and you haven’t FB’d or blogged about it???

  3. Shelling peas and snapping beans – best done as a group effort, but definitely worth it.

    There is something special about fresh, juicy, backyard strawberries, isn’t there?

  4. Ok…there’s been a wedding and we haven’t seen pictures?? What??? How can it be?? I won’t believe it until I see picutures!

    And speaking of pictures…I think my good Nikon lens is going out too??? I’ve been noticing lately that the auto focus isn’t working all of the time, I thought that maybe I had messed up one of the 5000 settings, which I know nothing about? Now you’ve got me wondering if it really is my lens. Hmmmm????

  5. First, Congratulations!
    Second, never shelled peas? What? Actually I hate shelling peas. I only grow them in the garden for the kids to eat fresh. That’s how they’re best anyhow. Don’t cook them, just shell and pop in your mouth.
    I love when the strawberries are ready at the u-pick farm. We all go, and I fill the pail, while the kids fill their bellies 🙂 They are so ripe and juicy and sweet that we have to freeze/eat/make jam as soon as we get home, or they will be moldy in the pail by the next day. After that, we can no longer buy strawberries at the grocery store for the rest of the summer – they just don’t compare!

  6. Congratulations to your son and his new bride! Tell them: we want pictures, we want pictures, we want pictures!

    I love the smell of Gain! MMM!

    The strawberries have been gross in our area too!

  7. As per the Gain and Tide issue. I’ve settled it here by using Tide to launder the clothes and Gain fabric sheets in the dryer. (As good as Gain smells, it can’t beat Tide for cleaning.)

    Shell those peas. Sit on the porch with the girl and two tall drinks of lemonade and just enjoy shelling the peas.

    Christmas in July is a fun concept! Hope that you can coax Santa into thinking so.

  8. That’s a lotta bloggin’ at one time. I used to shell peas when I was a young girl. Grandpa had a garden and we did all kinds of snappin and pickin and stuff.

  9. I LOVE Gain. 😉 It’s my all time favorite.

    We bought another bottle of Gain this week. There was a note attached saying something about Gain will soon be at the kitchen sink. I can’t wait for the new Gain dish detergent! 🙂

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