July 30

Internet,  thanks so much for the advice on Melatonin.   I haven’t been to the store yet, but last night I finally figured out why I’m not sleeping well.

I’m on sensory overload.

My legs, they jump.

My back, it is itching because of all the healing and peeling it is doing.

My chest, it is still a ‘hunk of burnin’ love’ let me tell ya!

My forehead is on fire where I peeled it before it should have been peeled.

To top it all off, my eyelids and earlobes are peeling as well.

In other news, It is Friday and I am nosy!

Tell me,

  1. What kind of grades did you get in school?
  2. Do you have any birthmarks?
  3. What’s the story behind one of your scars?
  4. What do you usually use to mark your place in a book?


1.  What kind of grades did you get in school?

Well…..it depends on which grad we are talking about.   I’m just going to say I was average.   That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

2.  Do you have any birthmarks?

Nope, and we won’t eeeeeeeven begin to talk about stretch marks!

3.  What’s the story behind one of your scars?

I have scars on my left hand.

You see, I was a bully.   An awful sister.   I know, I know…how could a sweet Chocolatechic have been a awful sister, but just ask her.   I was.

Anyway, Sister is claustrophobic.     And I would use that knowledge to be ever. so. mean.   I’d give her a hug and then lock my hands behind her and she couldn’t move.    She would get all freaked out.    So, she cut all her fingernails into points and would claw me so I’d let her go.   Smart one that Sister.   I don’t think I ever did that again.

I’m much nicer now.

Sister, you know how sorry I am for being such a bratty sister.

I love you.   Mean it.

4.  What do you usually use to mark your place in a book?

I really should use a book mark, but generally I just dog ear a page.


July 29

Dear Midnight,

I am very tired of seeing you come and go.

I really wish that somehow you would speak to 10 o’clock and have him knock me out.


refusing to take a sleeping pill

July 28

Last Saturday, we all went swimming at Lake Park.

Thank you Superman’s work for having a family day.

Aside from the stupidity of me forgetting sunblock, we all had a great time.

When one goes swimming at a public pool, one sees some very interesting things.

  • People not only have strange tattoos, but they tattoo themselves in strange places.

Dear Sir,

The multitude of tattoos on your body were strange.  The placement of them was even stranger, but the flaming sun around your nipple was just. a. bit. much.

  • People wear much less than they should.

Dear Size 18,

I didn’t even know that they made string bikini’s in that size, but seriously?   No one larger than a size 6 should never, ever even begin to consider a string bikini.   I suggest investing in a cover-up.

  • Once in the water, no one wants to get out.

Dear Mother of the one month old girl in the adorable pink hat,

When I said “Mommy, your little one just spit up”, I had hoped that you would get out and take care of it, not wash her off in the pool water that I was standing in.

  • Grown ups begin to act like children.





I wonder who they belong to?

We had a blast.


July 27

I don’t know who was the first person to mix butter with sugar, add some flour, eggs, vanilla and baking soda, and decide to bake it up.

But whomever it was, I want to send them a huge thank you note.

They were totally brilliant.

I’d also like to send a thank you note to the inventor of butterscotch chips, and toffee bits.

They have my undying gratitude.

Dorie Greenspan gets my thanks today, because she decided to combine them all together to make Chewy Chunky Blondies.

A huge shout out to Nicole of Cookies on Friday for picking this recipe for today’s TWD.

But Internet, the best part of all is that I get to eat them.

You could too if you go to Nicole’s blog and get the recipe.


July 26

Oh Internet.

I have never been burnt this bad.

I can not sleep.

And even a cold shower causes pain.

I heart aloe vera.

Last week, I went to a Pampered Chef party.

I ordered a mix’n’chop.

I ordered this because I have been told that I can not live without it.

Peer pressure.

It seems to work.

Tell me, what is your favorite Pampered Chef item?


July 23

Hey Internet.

Very early Wednesday morning, I was flushing the toilet and my back had a spasm.

And I quit moving.


I spent all of Wednesday trying to find a comfortable position to be in.

I spent most of Thursday laying on the floor because “they” say that the best place to be when your back spasms is the floor.   What “they” don’t tell you is once you get down there, your back won’t let you up.

Today I am moving about.

Today is also Friday and I am nosy.

  1. Who is most likely frustrated at you right now?
  2. Who were you most recently frustrated with?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how easily do you get frustrated?
  4. How best do you deal with frustration?
  5. How can people tell, just by looking at you, that you are angry/frustrated?


1.  Who is most likely frustrated at me right now?

Uhh…..I hope no one, but I’d imagine that The Boy and Blondie are.

2.  Who were you most recently frustrated at?


3. On a scale of 1-10, how easily do you get frustrated?

Oh how I’d love to say that I’m laid back, mild mannered, and sweet…but those that know me would know that that is a bald faced lie….so I’d say that I’m around a 6 because I have been working on it.

4.  How best do you deal with frustration?

One of 2 ways…I either talk it out, or if my frustration turns to anger then it goes internal.

5.  How can people tell, just by looking at you, that you are angry/frustrated?

I just asked the girl.   She said ” Your eyes go hard and get a darker blue, and your mouth goes into a straight line and you clench your jaw”

So, I asked the girl how often I look like that.   She said at least once a week.

So then I asked who is it generally directed at, and she said Dad or the boy.

Not a pretty picture of myself, but it is honest.

I need to work harder and some Valium.