June 22

Hey TWD’ers!

No TWD here.

What?!?!?!   You say?

Well, you know my love of chocolate, but do you remember that I do not love chocolate cake???

That and the fact that it has been hovering around 90º for the last couple of days, I refuse to fire up my oven.

So there is no Dressy Chocolate Loaf cake for you to view here.

A couple of weeks ago when it wasn’t hot with a generous side of humid, the girl and her friend next door made a cake for the friends mother.

I didn’t go out while they were decorating, because 2 girls…in the kitchen with all manner of edible glitter, sugar sprinkles, and various other decorations…I would have just been in the way.


June 21

When I was first pregnant with the boy I wanted a girl.

I wanted a girl so that I could dress her in pink and frills, and do her hair all girly.

And I had a boy.

I was not disappointed.

Then when I was pregnant with the girl, I wanted another boy so that they could play cars together, climb trees, shoot play guns together because the Sister and I were best buds growing up and I wanted the same for my kiddos.

And I had a girl.

And I was not disappointed.

So, now the boy is engaged to a lovely woman.

The Finacé is just delightful, and I am so glad to have another daughter.

Now there is a wedding to plan.

The girl is going to be a brides maid and this is the dress that they will be wearing.

Minus the ugly jacket.

Since I’m going to be making it, I thought it might be smart to make a trial dress.

The girl picket out this material for the trial dress.

To match these shoes.

Girls…they are just so much fun!


June 20

Today I am thankful for…

♥ My father.

My father is faithful.   He is loving and kind.   He cares not only for his family, but everyone around him.   He taught me all I know about cars, woodworking, how to make a mitered corner, change a head gasket, but most importantly, he taught me how to love unconditionally.

♥ Superman.

Superman is also faithful.   He is loving and kind.   He is generous to me.   He loves his children and grandson.  He loves me unconditionally.


June 18

It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

1. When you go to a movie, what are your snacking habits/preferences?

2. Do you snack at night?   If so, what is your favorite snack?

3. What do you snack on when watching sports?

4. What are your lonely, rainy afternoon snacking habits/preferences?

5. What’s your favorite carnival/fair snack?


1.  Normally if I snack at the movies, I sneak my own snacks in.   If Superman and I are on a movie date, I have Superman get a large bucket of popcorn with extra oil butter.   I eat the top oily buttery layer and leave the rest for him.

2.  I don’t generally snack at night.

3.  Don’t do sports either.

4.  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

5.  I go to the fair just for fair food.   There is so much there that I love to eat that I just can not name them all, but I would be totally sad if I didn’t get a funnel cake and an Italian sausage.


June 16

It is Wednesday.

It is still raining.

And I haven’t been anywhere in over a week, except for church.

So staring at these 4 walls with nothing to do but stare out at the rain, do laundry, and read Foxfire books leaves not much for blog fodder.

I could take pictures of the pee spots on my carpet, thanks to the dog who almost refuses to go outside in the rain.

I could take pictures of the TV that isn’t on since there is nothing to watch because all that is on is re-runs.

I could take pictures of laundry hanging in the basement to dry because the sun has totally forgotten to shine here in Pothole.

Good times, Internet.

Good times!

Instead I’ll just go back to the couch as soon as Fox and Friends is over and read some more.

After I check the weather for the 31st time this morning in hopes that sometime soon the rain will stop.


Updating.   It is noon, and the sun…it has begun to shine.  Thank you for all who have sent it my way.


June 15

There is absolutely nothing more homey than the smell of fresh baked bread.


I have been making home made bread for years and years and years.

I have made it by hand.

I have made it in my KitchenAid

I have even made it in a bucket with a crank handle.

That was a nightmare, and I’ll never do it like that again!

But the best way I have found to knead dough is in a bread machine.

The texture is perfection.

And it was no different with today’s TWD pick of Raisin Swirl Bread that Susan of Food.Baby chose.

♥ I proofed it in my car because that is the best place for proofing dough in the summer.

♥ Because I didn’t have orange zest, I added an 1/8th tsp. orange emulsion

♥ Of course, I didn’t put raisins in my bread, because just like cookies and cakes, raisins do. not. belong. in bread.

This bread is fabulous.

It is taking all my one ounce of will power to not eat the entire loaf.

If you’d like the recipe, go check out Susan’s blog.