June 28

This past week and a half has been rather busy.

To complicate matters, the DVR decided to record only sound and no picture.

I heart my DVR.

I didn’t know just how addicted I was to it, till it decided to give up on our relationship.

When the new DVR arrived, I put the boy to work installing it, because all those wires going to different places make me just a little woozy.

Just to keep things honest around here I’m showing you evidence of my obsession.

Thankfully, none of these shows have been canceled.

But some of my new favorite shows have.

LOST….I will miss you forever.

And Numb3rs….I could just cry because you have been canceled.

I love me some good food TV too.


Will Veronica get back with her husband?  Will Sonia get in trouble for killing that woman?  Will Chloe fall for the new guy?

I’ll never know now.

Why yes.

I do watch Soap Operas.

I do it solely for the fashion.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

I love the Undercover Boss.

I wish they would come to our Stuffmart.   Things might change for the better.

Miami Medical is gone too.

I loved this show.

Dear TV

Please quit canceling shows I love.


I have 53 shows set to record?


Obsess much?



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12 thoughts on “June 28”

    1. Wellllll……..since they are DVR’d I watch them throughout the week, sometimes in the evening whilst the girl and I are eating supper.

      I know…it is awful….blushing.

  1. You have been holding out on me dear friend. We have much to talk about…such as:
    Brothers and Sisters-I heart Rob Lowe. He had me from Sodapop Curtis in the Outsiders.
    Parenthood-LOVE LOVE LOVE this show.
    Desperate Housewives-Can’t wait for next season-but I fear that might be it’s last.
    Grey’s Anatomy-I’m still in shock from the finale.
    Private Practice-Please, SHonda RHimes, do better with season 4.

      1. Grey’s-I agree-that was INTENSE. Chandra Wilson deserves an Emmy for her performance.

        And Private Practice has gone Southhhhhh.

        Parenthood-I’m so glad that Lauren Graham is part of the cast. I just love her!

  2. LOL! I only have 2 soap operas every day that I really HAVE to watch. I DVR One Life to Live and All My Children. I watch them at night. 🙂

  3. My favorites to watch are DWTS, NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami (wasn’t able to watch it much due to DWTS) and now getting hooked on Criminal Minds and Ghost Wisperer now that they are on ION TV.

    No DVRing at my house. We don’t even have cable or Dish.

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