June 24

Dear Firefox,

Thank you for fixing yourself so quickly.


change drives me insane

I have had a bunch of loose jewels laying around for some time, so for our 18th wedding Anniversary, Superman said “how about a ring” and me being the Frugal Princess that I am, I suggested that we use all the loose stones that we had.

Away we went to The House of G. A. Fisher to see what could be done.

I have been waiting since April for a box.

A box holding the ring that I designed.

A box holding this.

It arrived last night.

Superman, you have outdone yourself.


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29 thoughts on “June 24”

  1. Wow that is pretty!!! Course anything coming from the House of G.A. Fisher is going to be worth it!!! Do we love GA Fisher’s or what!!!

  2. LOL on the loose stones hanging around the house…you came up with the perfect ring! So pretty. Happy Anniversary! I can’t wait to see what he does for #19.

  3. Beautiful ring – Happy Anniversary!
    Glad Firefox is better now. I used to have firefox and really liked it, but now we have Google Chrome and it’s good too. And we’ve never had any problems with Google Chrome.

  4. You did a similar thing to what my Mom did. She BUILT her ring a little at a time adding stones here and there depending on how many grandchildren she had at the time. My wife now has that ring.

  5. Gorgeous! You just had those stones lying around your house?

    Happy Anniversary!

    oh and IE is evil… I try to tell my boss this on a daily basis but he never believes me.

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