June 23

Internet, I am typing to you today from Internet Explorer.

Dear Firefox,

Please fix whatever issue you have and do it quickly.  IE is killing me here!


I don’t like change

I had some brilliant things to say, but all this fiddlefarting around with IE this morning has cause my brain to explode.

And the exploding brain has led to me not feeding the cats or the dog, which has led to some serious meowing, and pleading eyes, which has seriously put me behind in my daily duties.

I haven’t even gotten on Facebook yet.

Oh.  The horror!

I did, however, manage to eat some cereal, clean 2 inches of dust out of a box fan, and eat 3 bites of a Scrumdiddlyumptious bar.

Priorties.   It is all about priorties.


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6 thoughts on “June 23”

  1. I would say:

    Walk away from the computer, eat some chocolate, read a good book, do some knitting then go back to the computer. Go to the FireFox site and download the latest update that could very well be your problem. Yesterday my FF had a couple of crashes and after the 2nd one I got notified that there was a new update that should fix the crashes.

  2. I can totally relate. Firefox was giving me fits recently so I switched to google Chrome. I really, really liked google chrome but when I got a new computer and 24″ monitor recently, Google Chrome is blurry on the large screen. So now I am back to IE…it is the only way to get a nice, crisp image on the enlarged screen. Bummers. But after working with IE for a few weeks, it can be customized and I am now happy with it.

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