June 22

Hey TWD’ers!

No TWD here.

What?!?!?!   You say?

Well, you know my love of chocolate, but do you remember that I do not love chocolate cake???

That and the fact that it has been hovering around 90º for the last couple of days, I refuse to fire up my oven.

So there is no Dressy Chocolate Loaf cake for you to view here.

A couple of weeks ago when it wasn’t hot with a generous side of humid, the girl and her friend next door made a cake for the friends mother.

I didn’t go out while they were decorating, because 2 girls…in the kitchen with all manner of edible glitter, sugar sprinkles, and various other decorations…I would have just been in the way.



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8 thoughts on “June 22”

  1. We’re not the biggest cake fans here either. I think deep down I decided to make it just to eat some of the ganache (my own, not Dorie’s sour cream one.) Finger lickin’ good.
    Fun cake your daughter and friend made!

  2. What??? I can’t believe you didn’t try this one! But I totally understand not wanting to turn on your oven. On the other hand, you could have done what I did and underbaked it, thereby getting part chocolate cake and part chocolate sludge (which was also delicious). That bundt is blingy and beautiful!

  3. Wow, those girls did a great job with that cake, looks very festive! I am surprised that you would pass up chocolate chocolate…even in a cake. My guys are not fond of cakes in general, but they loved this one. Love that blue trim in your house…when I was growing up there was a historic home in our town that had paint colors researched and this was the color on their trim…it always looked so cheerful and sunny to me…I smile every time I see a photo of your trim!

  4. Oh Choco Woman…. so sorry I was one of those who didn’t remember, oops. So maybe some choco icy cream for your hot days. I was looking forward to seeing what you would create. However, you did not disappoint and I love the photo of “your girl” and her friend. That’s awesome.

  5. I do love chocolate, but am not a fan of chocolate cake either. I will,however,eat it if I have to. Just to be nice. Nice of you to relinquish your kitchen to the girls. Their cake looks festive.

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