June 21

When I was first pregnant with the boy I wanted a girl.

I wanted a girl so that I could dress her in pink and frills, and do her hair all girly.

And I had a boy.

I was not disappointed.

Then when I was pregnant with the girl, I wanted another boy so that they could play cars together, climb trees, shoot play guns together because the Sister and I were best buds growing up and I wanted the same for my kiddos.

And I had a girl.

And I was not disappointed.

So, now the boy is engaged to a lovely woman.

The Finacé is just delightful, and I am so glad to have another daughter.

Now there is a wedding to plan.

The girl is going to be a brides maid and this is the dress that they will be wearing.

Minus the ugly jacket.

Since I’m going to be making it, I thought it might be smart to make a trial dress.

The girl picket out this material for the trial dress.

To match these shoes.

Girls…they are just so much fun!


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14 thoughts on “June 21”

    1. I suggested it to be made, but I am not sure about my skillz when it comes to sewing satin and lace. I’d be way to afraid that I’d mess it up, and a wedding dress is so important.

      My mom made my wedding dress.

  1. OHHHHHHHHHHH, I love her choices of fabric and of course I’ve loved the shoes since you first posted that picture! Good idea making a “trial” dress. What fun it will be to wear around.

  2. What tpe of fabric will the real dress be made of? Some fabric (ususally what is used for bridal is really difficult to work with. You might what to try to make a small purse or something out of the fabric you will be using for the bridesmaid dress just to give you practice with the material. I don’t think you have to worry about the dress turning out okay. You will do a great job:) I love the style!

  3. Haha! I thought exactly those things each time I was pregnant and not until baby #4 did I get what I thought I wanted, and I was not disappointed either!
    I wish I could sew my daughters dresses. I’ve crocheted them ponchos, and I’m going to try a crocheted dress for the 3 year old. That will have to do! Love the girl’s choice of fabric!

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