June 16

It is Wednesday.

It is still raining.

And I haven’t been anywhere in over a week, except for church.

So staring at these 4 walls with nothing to do but stare out at the rain, do laundry, and read Foxfire books leaves not much for blog fodder.

I could take pictures of the pee spots on my carpet, thanks to the dog who almost refuses to go outside in the rain.

I could take pictures of the TV that isn’t on since there is nothing to watch because all that is on is re-runs.

I could take pictures of laundry hanging in the basement to dry because the sun has totally forgotten to shine here in Pothole.

Good times, Internet.

Good times!

Instead I’ll just go back to the couch as soon as Fox and Friends is over and read some more.

After I check the weather for the 31st time this morning in hopes that sometime soon the rain will stop.


Updating.   It is noon, and the sun…it has begun to shine.  Thank you for all who have sent it my way.


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8 thoughts on “June 16”

  1. I wish I had that much free time!
    I could send my broom for you and you could come here to the sunshine and help me pack for our trip. 🙂

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