June 14

Hi there Internet.

I don’t have much to say.


This whole 3 weeks of rain with a sprinkling of 2 days of sunshine has worn me to speachlessness.

I haven’t done much.

Because what can you do when it is raining in the summer?


Watch T.V.

And complain about the rain.

I have done all 3.

In just about in that order.

The good news is, Pothole doesn’t have to worry about a drought.



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7 thoughts on “June 14”

  1. I know how you feel! I posted something similar on Friday saying how I just haven’t had anything to talk about lately. My excuse is that I have been too busy working in front of the computer all month.

  2. To not be in the midst of a drought is a good thing!

    While we are thankful for the cloudy weather we’ve had up here it would be nice if the clouds would bring a bit of rain, that would help the fire fighters dealing w/wildfires. The cooler temps have helped but some good rain would be even better then we could safely have some sunny weather again.

  3. You wouldn’t ever want to live through a drought. It’s not fun.

    Think of it this way, you’ll have gorgeous flowers/lawn as a result! That is, if the rain hasn’t beaten the flowers down.

  4. We’ve had gobs too much rain here in Iowa as well, I wold love a good long, hot, dry spell 🙂

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