June 10

The girl got a new pair of shoes.

Every time I see her wear these shoes I just have to smile.

These shoes epitomize my girl.

The shape of the shoe is sweet.   So is she.

The wine colored rosette is lovely.   So is she.

The zebra stripes are sassy.   So is she.



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12 thoughts on “June 10”

  1. Oh to have young feet again!

    They are too cute! I’m sure she will enjoy them!!

    Let’s not tell her how badly her feet are going to hurt in 20 years or so… she deserves to enjoy her new found sassy heels! LOL

  2. So appropriate. I was just over at my Libby’s duplex last night – movie night. She moved a bookcase into her room and among the accessories and what not’s on the shelves, she used her favorite “sassy” shoes to decorate. So fun. Girls, they are a precious gift.

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