June 8

If your looking for a TWD post, you won’t find it here.   I have made more short cakes than I can count, and I have no fruit either.  If you want to see what other TWD’s baked, check them out here.

For Memorial Day, we grilled out.

I bought some ribs, because I love ribs.

Love them, love them, love them.

Since the boy has had a ‘meat tech’ class, where they learn how to properly butcher all manner of meat, I had him do the ribs.

Me, I just rub the ribs with some rub.

Braise them slowly, then finish off on the grill with some sauce.

Little did I know that I wasn’t doing it right.

First you have to rip off the silver skin from the bottom of the rib.

Making sure that you have your music on, flip the ribs over and start digging for a tendon that runs through the top.

It is also important that you have the proper knife to do it with.

That is why I had never dug out the tendon…I didn’t have the knife.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Make a super wonderful rub and rub it in.

When you take the silver skin off the bottom, it allows the rub to soak up on the underside too.

Then bake and grill.

These were tons better than my ribs.


Taking out the top tendon makes the meat much more tender.

Taking off the silver skin makes it easier to eat.

Having the boy do it for me makes it priceless.


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14 thoughts on “June 8”

  1. Mmm! I’ve never made ribs. I don’t care for touching meat, let alone cutting stuff off it. Four boys and a husband = they can make me ribs!

  2. Mmmm pork! My mother-in-law wants science to find a way to raise a pig that is all ribs. It seems, when we butcher together, that science has found a way to raise a pig with no ribs, because our pig never has any and their pig always has lots 🙂
    I’m thinking one of my kids is going to need to go to cooking school to learn all these things too. Or will you hire the boy out?

  3. Removing the silver skin is about the grossest job in the kitchen…well, maybe the grossest job is taking the “stuff” out of the cavity of the turkey/chicken.

    But OH! I do love some ribs!!!!!

  4. …ummm…. could you send that kid over here, please? He wouldn’t mind a little visit in Oregon, would he? He could show me his super rib skills, hang with my boys and talk music and compare NOTW clothing items, and then I’d send him home safe and sound to you (and his girl!)….

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