June 7

There are several reasons I have never wanted a dog after having cats.

Cats use a litter box.  Even on the coldest of winter days, you don’t have to take a cat outside. The dog must go outside.  Several times a day.

Cats do not have bad breath, as opposed to dogs who can blow you away with just one whiff.

Cats give themselves baths daily, dogs just smell.


We don’t think that Chloe has been bathed regularly till we have had her.

Her aversion to the bath is a sight to behold.

Which is weird because she is half Lab, and aren’t Labs supposed to love the water???

We had been bathing her in the tub, but once when the sun was shining~~and I can’t remember when because Helllloooo Sun!   I haven’t seen you in weeks!~~the girl and I decided to forgo the tub and take the entire bathing process outside.

Chloe was all “outside, we’re going outside”…wag…wag…wag… or in her tailless state it was more jig…jig..jig…

Then the water happened and she was all  “you can’t be serious!”

And the girl got in on it and she was “you too, your my favorite! I can’t believe you are treating me like this”

“The soap?  Seriously?”

And by the time we got to the rinsing she was so beyond the whole clean thing.

Last week, her bath was back in the tub.

There is one thing, however, that cats don’t do.

When you pet them and stop, a dog will look up at you with those big brown eyes that seem to say “if you don’t pet me right. now. I. will. die.”

And who can say no to that?



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14 thoughts on “June 7”

  1. All those reasons? That’s why we live in the country and my dogs never come in the house. But cats can be stinky too. We had a cat in the house we couldn’t feed her canned cat food, or even the dry seafood flavour.
    And is that a tattoo I see on your ankle?! Chocolatechic, you’re full of surprises!

  2. You know you shouldn’t bathe dogs too often – their skin will get dry and itchy. Our vet says only when they are seriously dirty which is usually in the spring from the mud.

    There are dry shampoos you can brush into their fur which she may tolerate better and will help with dog smell – although, I don’t think you can ever get them to not smell like dog 🙂

  3. Our dog is part lab too and she LOVES the lake or river, but HATES baths. I have done them in the bathtub and in the yard (I tie her to our deck) and she is miserable. We have also had her groomed before at a groomer’s, but she cried and barked so much that they had a hard time dealing with it!

  4. You are such a good Mom. Dogs can be very affectionate. They love to be petted and reciprocate. Whereas, our cat Tommy, thinks he was put on earth to be revered and adored.He thinks it is our privilege to have him in our home.He even lets Jarrod share his bed and room.

  5. I think all dogs are like that…It is funny! To know that others have the same struggle! I still have to tie my dog to the tree in the frontyard for her bath. We have had her for 2 years now.

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