June 6

Today I am thankful for…

  • Hot pink nail polish on my toes
  • The rain that waters my garden so I don’t have to
  • The library
  • Superman braving the lightening and thunder to take to dog outside



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2 thoughts on “June 6”

  1. I am thankful for friends who share yummy recipes on facebook.

    Thankful to be able to meet up with old friends on facebook.

    I too am thankful for the rain, but I need for it to stop so I can go to church without getting soaked !!!

  2. I am thankful that no one was injuried in the tornado that hit Sugarcreek area yesterday. Praise GOD for that!

    I am thankful for the Frontier Power employees that keep braving this weather to fix our power that has gone out every day since Friday.

    I am very thankful for my wonderful husband. Who despite my downfalls still loves me with all his heart.

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