June 4

Hey Internet, today is Friday…and I am nosy.

Did you know that today is National Doughnut Day?

It is!

It was created in 1938 to honor the women who served doughnuts to the military men in WWI, and most doughnut stores are offering a free one today.

Question is….what is your absolute favorite doughnut?

Of course y’all know that mine is Schulers, but if I had to choose between a Schulers and a fresh, warm glazed raised doughnut…the glazed would win hands down.

Shocking, I know.



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16 thoughts on “June 4”

  1. I am so glad that our Federal Government has decided to honor all of those fallen blobs of sweetened gluten for their unselfish sacrifice in their quest to make the rest of us fat and happy. Were it not for them, we would all be walking around kicking the dog, or some other unfortunate creature, trying to relieve the stress of everyday life. Three cheers for the donut!! The Pillsbury doughboy must be beeming with pride! Now, all we have to do is lobby congress for a national day for the Michelin Man.

  2. Now I wish I was going in to town today, so I could go to Tim Horton’s for a doughnut!
    Tim Horton’s is our Canadian doughnut shop. My kids all like anything with sprinkles, I like a chocolate glazed bismarck, or sometimes the maple glazed. Usually we just get TimBits though. That would be the doughnut holes, and then there’s a variety of everything.
    Now, a homemade doughnut is definitely my favourite, but when Tim Horton’s is readily available, in large variety, without the smell of hot oil all day in my kitchen, I can’t remember the last time I made doughnuts.

  3. I live where Krispy Kreme was born… Never heard of them in California, but the day after we moved here, a love-affair with Krispy Kreme began. It doesn’t even matter what kind!

  4. We are quite excited to learn this bit of news. My favorite doughnuts are the plain ones my grandmother used to make. I’ve never be able to successfully duplicate them. Hope that you get your glazed doughnut today!

  5. Whole wheat and chocolate covered cream filled from “SCHULERS” of which I partook of yesterday. I got a jump start on donut day !! Thought of you with each yummy bite.

  6. Whole wheat donuts….riddled with contradiction.
    I’m sure it helps if you chase it with a chocolate covered cream filled donut. 🙂

  7. My favorite doughnuts come from Shipley’s Donuts. They used to be square-shaped, but they are still the greatest. I prefer glazed and chocolate cake donuts.

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