June 2

We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood.

I love it.

You can hear the birds chirping in the morning, and not much but the occasional car zooming down the road disturbs the peace.

Except the back door neighbors.

In the summer.

They are loud.

They are obnoxious.

They let their kids play outside till 1am, which keeps me up till 1am.

So on Memorial Day when the boy and I saw them setting up tents and chairs and grills and tables, and the sky was dark and ominous….we began to giggle to ourselves about how they were going to get wet, and maybe we would have a quiet day.

Then it began to rain.

And the boy and I laughed out loud.

Because they all scrambled under their tents and pulled the grills into the garage.

If you look, you can see that not much is staying dry.


After I stepped outside onto my dry back porch to snap this picture, giggling maniacally, as a just punishment….my electricity went off.

Serves me right.



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15 thoughts on “June 2”

  1. Ahhh, reminds me why we live out in the middle of nowhere with the closest neighbour a 1/2 mile away. I don’t miss all the things that went on in town, especially in our yard. Our backyard overlooked the small town college campus. It made for a very nice view, but when we first moved in there was no fence around our yard and people would cut across to the college. So, of course a fence soon went up, but we’d be out working on the fence, and people would continue to walk through right past us as if it was not a big deal. And then we had to put a lock on the gate, because some people figured they could STILL WALK THROUGH! What can you even say to people like that?

  2. Our back door neighbors are that way too. They have pool parties every night in the summer.Sometimes until 3AM! I have to sleep with ear plugs…Some of us have to work. Their dogs bark constantly and there are way too many kids…Shouldn’t they be in bed?

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  3. Rotten behavior…theirs not yours. People should remind themselves often that they live in a neighborhood. We reminded our kids of it all the time. No, you’re not going to go clicky-clacking up and down the drive all day long. Even with that, we were told that our elderly neighbor had to remove her hearing aids. Oh dear! We have neighbors who are running ATVs all through the woods behind our home. I’m having trouble being charitable.

    1. You don’t live in Tennesee, do you? When my daughter got married(in Tenn.), they spent their whole honeymoon nite riding ATV’s thru the driving rain and mud. The next morning they were so covered in mud I couldn’t tell who was who. To each his own, I guess.

  4. We have troublesome neighbors, too. The robins won’t shut up, the wind won’t stop blowing thru the trees making all that ‘whishing’ noise. And those RABBITS! When they throw a party, nobody gets any sleep! Awful noisy out here in the country!

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