May 31

Hey Internet.

Today is Memorial Day.

The day when almost everyone has a day off, but most forget why they do.

Today I’d like to give a big shout out to the people in my family who have served this country.


First Superman.   He was in the Army in the 1o1st Airborne and he was also a Sniper.

  • J. Baker~~cousin
  • J. Buesman~~cousin
  • Robert F. Gossett(deceased)~~my great Uncle.  He served in WWII in Africa and Europe.
  • Robert C. Teal(deceased)~~my Grandfather.   He served in WWII.
  • R. Teal~~uncle
  • R. Teal~~cousin


  • Jerry Monroe Baker(deceased)~~ my Uncle.   He served in Vietnam.
  • Noble Gene Murnahan(deceased)~~my Grandfather.   He served in WWII.
  • J. Murnahan~~uncle

Air Force

  • J. Gossett~cousin
  • T. Hersman~~cousin
  • D. Teal~~uncle.  He served in Vietnam in a munitions dump.

Thank you for your service, for the sacrifice that you and your families have made to keep me free.

Freedom isn’t free.


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12 thoughts on “May 31”

  1. Good job Tanya!

    I too thank all of those who have served in the past, and those who are serving and giving their lives even as I type this.

    As you said Freedom is never free. We always try to thank those we see in uniform.

  2. I am not an American, but as a Canadian I am just as thankful for your armed forces as I am for my Canadian armed forces. May our two nations continue to stand beside each other and fight for freedom.

  3. What a blessing to have such honorable men in your family! I so appreciate their service and sacrifice to keep our country free.

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