May 30

Today I am thankful for…

  • Superman and everything he does for me
  • Family
  • The girl’s friend who lets her come over and swim in her pool
  • Listening to their laughter…laughter is one of the best sounds in the world

What are you thankful for today?


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3 thoughts on “May 30”

  1. I am thankful for the wonderful time I had with FAMILY yesterday,celebrating my “39th” birthday.Thanks everyone.

    I am thankful for Dutch Valley yummy food we ate yesterday.

    I am thankful for learning to play a new game yesterday.(who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ?)

    And today I am most thankful for our men who have fought for our freedoms and continue to do so. A big THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU goes out to them.

  2. Today I am thankful for my husband, who filled in for our pastor this Sunday, and did a very good job.
    I am thankful for our church family and all of our very large extended step family.

  3. Today I am thankful for so much but I just want to talk about one person I am thankful for. His name is Emerson Herndon. He is a shut-in from our church. I’m not exactly sure of his age, but he was the janitor at the church we pastor when we came to Dennison. What a sweet man. He must have been in his early eighties then. About 5 years ago he had to give up his janitorial duties at the church. I still have a picture of him in my mind holding on to the table to keep himself steady as he mopped the floors of the fellowship hall. He gave many many years as a faithful servant to God. His prayer was that someday he would see 100 people in Sunday school. We are a very small congregation and unfortunatly he never saw that prayer come to fruition. My prayer is now the same. Not for numbers but for souls.

    I thought of him today, because my sister and I went over to clean our classroom at the church. Not a big job for one little classroom, but Emerson cleaned them all. Sandy and I were sweaty and tired after working on the room, because we went through the cabinets and tossed a lot of things away, then we did head to another classroom I’ve been wanting to clean for a long time but haven’t gotten the opportunity until today. We still haven’t finished both classrooms. We need to sweep yet and still mop my classroom and wipe the tables. It truly made me appreciate God’s faithful servant Emerson.

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