May 27

Superman is dog tired.



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9 thoughts on “May 27”

  1. Are you sure they aren’t passed out from the heat! 😉

    92 degrees, and you refused to turn the AC on….. you’re a tough cookie! How hot does it have to get before you turn the AC on??

    1. It has to be June before I turn on the AC.

      My general rule is if I break a sweat inside, then the AC comes on…after June that is…

      I also refuse to turn on the furnace till November.

      It was 85º in the house yesterday, but it wasn’t overly hot. We had fans on.

  2. Is Chloe man tired? Poor people! (Silly me, not that Chloe is a people too.) Too hot yesterday and the day before, but so nice without any humidity today. This is one of those rare perfect weather days.

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