May 24

I don’t have much for you today Internet.

This past week has been just a wee bit frazzling.

  • I found out that the boy is engaged
  • Then he got fired from his job
  • Then he got sick
  • Then he was in the hospital
  • I found out just how uncomfortable hospital chairs are
  • I took a mental health day yesterday and it was good.


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22 thoughts on “May 24”

  1. Oh my praying for your entire family. Wish I was close to give you a big hug and a bag of chocolate 🙂
    Hugs & kisses to you mommy dear.

  2. Good heavens! You need more than a day, my friend. Call the spa! Call the girlfriends! Call your sister! Get Suzanne up there because she needs a break, too. 😀

  3. Oh dear, too many exclamation points…how frazzling…I meant to use ellipses instead…much more calming…there…have some chamomile tea if you can stand it…I love it…very soothing…

  4. engaged? whoa. i thought he was like 20? he must really love her.
    you do have a lot on your plate. don’t get too stressed out, things always work out eventually, it’s just the time part that sucks.

  5. Schulers won’t help??? Boy, that’s SERIOUS! Hope everything shakes out ok for you guys. We had our experience with hospitals last year. Both my father and my wife’s father at the same time. Not fun.

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