May 17

I watch Survivor.

I don’t watch much reality TV, but Survivor is different.

It is reality meets game show, so technically it isn’t a reality show.

So, last night was the finalle.


And let me just say that the girl and I were tickled to death that Russel didn’t get a single vote.


It made me smile to see him sitting there in the final three for the second time, and watch his face as his name was never called.

Not only was Russel arrogant and a bully, but his lust for control and his greed did him in.

He was just a nasty player.

I honestly think that Parvati played the better game, but her alliance with Russel in the end cost her the game.

I also think that Parvati deserved even the $100,000…but that is just me.

What do you think?


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16 thoughts on “May 17”

      1. Well, my spare time is a bit limited right now. I don’t think my professor would take the excuse, “Sorry my work is late, but I just had to watch Survivor.” πŸ˜€
        Although it does sound better than my dog ate my homework, which in our case may be more correct πŸ˜‰

  1. TOTALLY L.O.V.E.D watching Russel squirm as the votes were counted and to see the anger in his face when he realized that once again he wasn’t going to be the winner he thought he was! Out of the three I was glad to see Sandra win again. I was totally a Hero’s fan and was disappointed when the final three came down to Villain’s but my disappointment was short lived when Russell didn’t receive ANY votes. It was like sweet revenge.

    1. Sweet revenge indeed.

      But did you see his wife? She is so pretty. How in the world did get such a pretty wife.

      Rupert’s wife is pretty too, and I noticed a difference in how he treated his wife, compared with how Russel treated his wife.

  2. I loved the finale. I was really upset when he won immunity. But, I absolutly loved that he didn’t get a single vote. He is still insisting this morning on the Early Show that America knew he was the best player. blah blah blah…

    But, I am satisfied with Sandra winning. I really didn’t like her all that much, but, I really didn’t like Parvati either. I wanted JT, or Boston Rob to win. lol

    Coach turned out to be way different this time around too and he kinda grew on me. Especially watching the Ponderosa episodes they have on the website.

    Ok, I guess I’ll stop now. Oh yeah, I really, really, really didn’t like Russell he was just terrible and mean and ugh…. I’ll just leave it at that. he he

  3. Well, at least JT won something! πŸ˜‰ That really was the dumbest Survivor move ever!
    I was always on Team Colby, but heck, he really did stick this time around (LOVED him in Australia, he GAVE up the million for someone who deserved it more. How cool is that?)
    Russell grew on me in his first season, but he was mean and nasty, so I wasn’t liking him much this time. I wish he wouldn’t have been SO mean and rude, but I think lying a little is still okay in this game.
    I will always wonder if he’d have kept Jerri and got Sandra off–would he have gotten ANY votes, probably would have just made it so Parvati would have won, because I don’t think Jerri would have gotten enough votes.
    GREAT show. Totally agree there! Kinda bummed it’s over until fall. πŸ˜‰

  4. I guess I am the only person who likes Russel. He did “play” the game…by telling lies, using others and planing his plan of attack. I know it is not ethical…but he was doing what the show title says…survivor. I don’t think the girls did much to win…being out the line of fire…does not do much for me. Being nice is what won it for them…blah …blah.

  5. I’ve never liked Survivor, because the point of the show seems to be to produce players just like Russell. It pits people against each other to bring out the worst in them. My husband has always loved the show, though, and I have to say there have been a few players that I have liked over the years. Like Rupert.

  6. So excited that Sandra won….. we were jumping up and down during the challenge with the maze…. I loved seeing Russell squirm…. but he doesn’t get why he didn’t win…. he still thinks he is number 1.

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