May 12

Last week when the sun was shining, as opposed to this week when it hasn’t, I sat out on the front porch to enjoy the weather.

Momma and poppa bird were both very upset with me because I wouldn’t move so they could get back to their nest.

They hovered, and fussed and flew back and forth while I sat there.

I figured it was the least I could do since they have pooped all over my porch.



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12 thoughts on “May 12”

  1. Finches can be messy little things, but I always miss them and smile when they return. They have a habit of making messy little nests and then ripping it all up and tossing it out while they feather it with new stuff. Like I wait around to clean up after them. Fun to see the photo and the post. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Since you sat out there and temporarily deprived them of access to their nest, they have probably gone out and gobbled up double the bugs and worms in preparation for their counter attack poop raid.(Do I hear the background music to Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’?)

  3. If I recall, the birds went out and got about 400,000 of their friends to help. Do they make BB machine guns? Maybe a fallout shelter would be the best idea. I’ll be waiting for the news tonight showing a picture of the devastation wreaked upon your front porch with you being tearfully interviewed
    by Fox News. Forget about the cats. They’ll probably run away.

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