May 11

Hey there Internet!

Today is TWD day, but I still have a couple of pieces of Superman’s birthday cake around, so I didn’t make it today.

That and berries?   Have y’all seen the price of berries?

No?   Go look the next time your in your local mega-mart, but make sure you have some nitroglycerin with you to stop your heart attack!

Sunday evening, the boy brought home about 5 pounds of prime rib.

It is already cooked, and since prime rib has never, ever, ever entered this house before, I have no idea what to do with it to make left overs.   I’m thinking soup, but do you do that to prime rib?

I’m coming to you for ideas, before I just gobble it up as is.



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14 thoughts on “May 11”

  1. No don’t waste it on soup! Reheat and eat as is or cut up and use in a beef stroganoff type dish. It could be any ole scrap of meat in a soup tsk tsk noooooo. 🙂

  2. slice it off the bone and make “roast beef and gravy” or cut it up and make beef tips and gravy. I agree, soup would be a shame.

  3. If it were my kid – he’d slice it thin, and then throw it and some other yummies on a quesadilla.

    You could throw it in a stir fry… You could do French Dip sandwiches – that’s our kids’ favorite meal, hands down.

    I’d definitely not waste it on a soup!

  4. It’s delicious cold in a sandwich, in a quesadilla, on a salad, or rolled up with a spread of horseradish sauce or whatever you like. If you re-cook it, it makes it tough…you know that sliced roast beef you get from the deli for sandwiches? Well, you just have some there for yourself. Yum. Birthday cake left? No one told me.

  5. Gobble it up, as is!
    something toasty and cheesey — Philly Steak Sandwiches
    or plain and simple — French Dips
    on a salad with blue cheese dressing
    Beef and a carb -noodles, potatoes, risotto.

  6. If you have any bones save to make a soup with bits of the meat. When I had leftovers I sliced the meat thin and cooked quickly in a cast iron skillet and made sandwiches which were to die for.

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