May 10

Ever since Chloe got away from me while still attached to the pee-pee leash, she has been terrified of it.

Wait, let me clarify.

She is only afraid of the pee-pee leash if I’m holding the other end.

In an attempt to get her unafraid of me holding the pee-pee leash, I have been taking her outside and forcing her to just be there while I hold onto the other end.

At first, she would just cower and run as far away from me as the leash would allow.

The more often I have been doing it, the more comfortable she has become.

That is until I had the girl bring out the camera so I could take pictures of the mommy and daddy birds that are crapping living on my front porch.

Then she was all…. get me out of here.  Psycho woman is at it again.

And I kept snapping pictures.

And she was all…maybe if I look at the door really hard she might get the idea I want to go in.

And I was all…if you want to continue to eat the kibble I put in your dish, then you’ll sit still and let me take your picture.

Kibble?  Did you say kibble?

And we came to an understanding.



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7 thoughts on “May 10”

  1. She is cute. I’m sure she will get used to it. Like my daddy used to say,”you can get used to a toothache if you have it long enough.”

    1. We have 2 leashes for her. One is a short leash that we take her for walks on.

      The pee-pee leash is the one we put on her to take her outside to go “pee-pee”. It is retractable.

      1. Ohhh… I think I did the same thing to my shihtzu!! I dropped the handle and the noise scared him and he took off. I added a back-up “wristband” to mine, actually it’s just one of my daughters elastic headbands that I looped through but it works great.

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