May 7

Hey there Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

Today I want to know what is the best meal your mother ever made? Do you have her recipes for that meal?   If so, post them, I’d love to see them.

My mom is such a great cook, but the meal that I am most fond of is her roast with mashed potatoes and apple pie.



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  1. I don’t remember my mom much or what she cooked. I remember two things she did make. One was ice cream from freshly falling snow (that means not yellow snow) and cookies, but I can’t remember the name of them. They are creamy sugar things and she colored them pink. People sometimes put nuts in them, but she didn’t. I only remember her making these things only once.

  2. I will come back later with my answers but I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for my boss. She found out last night she does not have cancer. She has a deformity in her bone structure. Although it’s not large it showed up on the X-rays as a mass. Thank you again for your prayers. We are so happy:)

  3. My mom is a writer, definitely NOT a cook! I remember one time having friends over, and she made: frozen pizza, chocolate chip ice cream and to drink, orange juice. Interesting combination. Most other moms were at least serving Doritos and pop!

    My DAD however was a great cook! With four daughters, we each took a turn making Sunday Dinner with Dad – spending the week pouring over cookbooks, making grocery lists, and planning the timing of everything. I think my fav to cook with Dad was probably pot roast with all the fixings and strawberry shortcake (with Bisquik biscuits and milk, of course!).

  4. Without a doubt, Mom’s fried chicken with mashed potatoes, country gravy, corn, and biscuits, was my favorite meal. I still make it the same, sans Crisco shortening.

    At Christmas she did the huge baking thing and I loved the raisin squares….could not stay out of them.

  5. My mom makes the best soups. I could eat her vegetable beef soup, stew, and chicken noodle soup every day of my life. She is a great cook and the best of Moms.

  6. My Mom was not the best cook – but there were some things that she made that rocked the world. Seriously – people that we’ve known over the decades have continued to contact me asking for those recipes! The funny thing? She pretty much hated to cook!

    The best thing she made? Her meatloaf – hands down. Here’s a blog post about it:

    And of course – she always served it with mashed potatoes and green beans – and so do we now!

    …sniff…. I miss my Mommy!

  7. The meal I always asked my mom to make for my birthday, she did make it at other times as well, was chicken quarters in gravey w/noodles. The vegetable would be green beans or corn if the meal was my choice.

  8. She made great barbecued chicken on the grill, my favorite, with her potato salad (I use this recipe all the time now myself), green beans with bacon, a garden salad with poppyseed dressing, and for dessert Danish Dessert (some sort of graham cracker/whipped cream/raspberry jello/fresh raspberries…I need to get that recipe sometime, don’t I? If she didn’t make that, my second favorite was Rhubarb Crisp, she made it soooooooo sweet and good. Good golly…the calories!!!

  9. My mom is an amazing cook – unfortunately, I like everything she makes!
    Her most ‘famous’ dishes are probably lasagna, cheeseball, and cheesecake. She can also make a great stir fry, a great alfredo sauce…everything!

  10. I laughed out loud on this question because 1. I just blogged about people assuming mothers are the cooks, and 2. because my mom cannot cook. However, the ONLY thing she knows how to make is potato salad. Please don’t ask her to make anything else. Just tell her to buy the soda, paper plates, or napkins LOL!!!

    My aunts are the same way, but they can cook a bit better than she can. Their husbands had to teach them how to cook. My dad tried to teach my mom how to cook, but it didn’t work out at all. She would lose the hamburger patties (usually found UNDER the skillet on top of the stove), fail to drain the pea juice in pea salad (GROSS!), make muffins harder than dog biscuits that can even make cracks in the wall (I’m dead serious!), etc. Her cooking stories are always great ice-breakers b/c they are so hilarious and unbelievable.

    I still love her, though!

  11. Mama is such a good cook. The two things that stick out to me right now are her swedish meatballs and poor-man’s steak. (And I would appreciate the recipe for poor man’s steak – hint, hint!)

  12. We were poor, so I remember all too many dishes that I never really liked (Chinese crispy noodle casserole with onions and celery–ew). But that’s not nice, I know my mom cooked lots of good things, too. She did make some great crockpot roasts/potatoes/carrots, etc.

    And I always loved her tacos, she’d fry the corn tortilla in a little grease and they were always still a little soft, but dripping with grease. Mmm.

    Happy Mother’s DAy to you.

  13. Mom cooked many meals that I loved. Three stand out the most to me. I loved to come home after school to her frying potatoes. The smell was heavenly on a rainy day. With the fried potatoes she served soup beans and cornbread with green onions! Yum! Then, I loved her fried chicken, with the mashed potatoes, etc. I also loved her goulash. She made a wonderful jello dessert she called pineapple delight. I also loved her vegetable soup! See, I knew I couldn’t choose just one:)

    I think she was most proud of her beef and noodles, Spaghetti and meatballs, peppermint pudding and her German Chocolate cake. The best German Chocolate cake I ever tasted was the one Chic made for her son one year for his birthday!

  14. I’m with you Willie. Homemade beef and noodles. I have tried to make them over the last 38 years,but they don’t measure up to hers. I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED her fried chicken !! Mom had a way of making just about anything taste good.

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers out there.

  15. My mother is a fabulous cook! She makes the best cinnamon rolls, pies, dinner rolls, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, spaghetti, fajitas, homemade pizza, etc, etc, etc. She also made the BEST chicken fried steak. You can’t get chicken fried steak as good as she made anywhere. Believe me, I’ve tried. Hers is the best!

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