May 5

Today is Superman’s birthday.

He turns 42 today.

He won’t be getting a birthday cake, but he will be getting today’s TWD WWD Burnt Sugar Ice cream that was picked by Becky of Project Domestication.

First you make some caramel.

Making caramel is like watching a man figure out a woman.

Flowers and candy (melt your sugar and water)  check.

Dinner and a movie (wet sides of your pan if sugar begins to crystallize) check.

Diamonds (bring to a boil) check.

And if all goes well, you have a happy woman (you have caramel).

If not, and we all know how women are….you might get “Dinner and a movie again?  Haven’t you been listening?   I wanted a picnic in the park!  Flowers?  they just die in a week!  Diamonds?   You can’t afford diamonds! (crystallized sugar) check!

And the poor man, knowing that it has all worked before walks away scratching his head wondering what he did wrong (CC scrapes crystallized sugar from the bottom of her pan, knowing it has all worked before, mutters under her breath wondering what she did wrong) check!

So I he begins again, making sure that every element is correct.

Et voila!  I didn’t melt the sugar completely before bringing to a boil. (picnic in the park it is!)

Then just when I had everything perfect, the Board of Elections called me and asked me to work yesterday.   So I went out of the kitchen ~~wait CC…doooooooon’t walk away from your caramel!!~~so I could write down all the pertinent information.

When I began to smell something burning.

Ack!  the sugar!

Fortunately I was able to get it in time.

Now it sits chilling in my fridge ready to be churned for Superman’s birthday party (a hand written love note works every time) check!

If you want some fabulous home made ice cream, go check out the recipe at Becky’s blog.



Update~I just finished churning the ice cream.   Oh. my. goodness.   This ice cream is out of this world!   Make it!  Make it!  Make it! and take it on a picnic!!!!!!!



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20 thoughts on “May 5”

  1. LOL on the man/woman thing. Yep, just like caramel: living on the edge! Yours looks wonderful. Next time I have to be a little braver, take it a little more to the edge of comfort as I was afraid I wouldn’t recognize Edge and Over The Edge, so I stopped too soon, I think, defeating the purpose of Burnt Sugar. Oh, well, it was mighty tasty as it was, and to be truthful, do I want it to get any tastier??? It was tempting enough as is! Yours looks absolutely wonderful. Happy Birthday, Superman!

  2. Perfect description! I’ve been planning on making ice cream this week and haven’t been motivated to do it yet because the weather got all yucky and cold again. I think I am now motivated again. Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby! There are two double birthdays in our families! You & Mike share a birthday, and your hubby & Zachary share a birthday! Plus, Abbi’s bday is on the same day as yours.
    Hope you guys had a great day!

  4. Beautiful color of the caramel. My first batch didn’t work out either – cubic zirconium instead of diamonds.

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