May 4

Hey there Internet.

You might have come to see a  TWD, but it is just going to have to be WWD, because…

Ohio has primary’s today, and yesterday at the very last minute I was called in.

Called in while I was boiling sugar for TWD WWD,  and completely forgot about the sugar boiling on the stove till I smelled something burning.  I’ll tell ya all about it tomorrow.

So!  Go vote if your state is having a primary.

Smile at the workers.   They have been there since 5:30 am and will stay till almost 9 pm.

They need that smile.

Especially if they are wearing pink, and have short dark hair, and look suspiciously like a Chocolatechic.



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  1. I agree – voting is very important. I’ve always made voting a priority on election days, but I’ve never volunteered. Good for you!

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