May 31

Hey Internet.

Today is Memorial Day.

The day when almost everyone has a day off, but most forget why they do.

Today I’d like to give a big shout out to the people in my family who have served this country.


First Superman.   He was in the Army in the 1o1st Airborne and he was also a Sniper.

  • J. Baker~~cousin
  • J. Buesman~~cousin
  • Robert F. Gossett(deceased)~~my great Uncle.  He served in WWII in Africa and Europe.
  • Robert C. Teal(deceased)~~my Grandfather.   He served in WWII.
  • R. Teal~~uncle
  • R. Teal~~cousin


  • Jerry Monroe Baker(deceased)~~ my Uncle.   He served in Vietnam.
  • Noble Gene Murnahan(deceased)~~my Grandfather.   He served in WWII.
  • J. Murnahan~~uncle

Air Force

  • J. Gossett~cousin
  • T. Hersman~~cousin
  • D. Teal~~uncle.  He served in Vietnam in a munitions dump.

Thank you for your service, for the sacrifice that you and your families have made to keep me free.

Freedom isn’t free.


May 30

Today I am thankful for…

  • Superman and everything he does for me
  • Family
  • The girl’s friend who lets her come over and swim in her pool
  • Listening to their laughter…laughter is one of the best sounds in the world

What are you thankful for today?


May 28

It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

  1. What store/s is it impossible for you to emerge empty-handed?
  2. Where do you go when you need to spend a little bit of make-me-feel-better money?
  3. What store did you used to frequent but no longer find appealing?
  4. If you opened your own retail store (not a food-service establishment), what would be its theme, name, and target clientele?
  5. If you had to purchase all your friends’ gifts at one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


What store/s is it impossible for you to emerge empty-handed?

Since I don’t frequent many stores, it would have to be Walmart

Where do you go when you need to spend a little bit of make-me-feel-better money?

I shop online at Baker’s Catalog

What store did you used to frequent but no longer find appealing?

J.C. Penny’s

If you opened your own retail store (not a food-service establishment), what would be its theme, name, and target clientele?

It would be a spa/massage/make-up store…centered on pampering women.

If you had to purchase all your friends’ gifts at one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Bed, Bath and Beyond

And a huge Happy Birthday to my Aunt Cindy and cousin Amber.

May 26

I have never been a patient person.

I can not say for sure, but I am almost positive that when I was born, I came out saying ‘Feed me now!  Why did it take so long to get here?  Where are my clothes?   Change my diaper!  Aren’t you going to feed me already?”

But in the last 4 years I have learned to be patient.

To sit quietly and wait …patiently even… especially when this is all you have to look at.

PS.   The boy is good.   The docs know what is wrong with him and are fixing it.


May 25

Hello Internet.

Hello TWD’ers.

The boy has a medical procedure this morning.

I have been crazy insane, so needless to say…no TWD was made.

And I wanted to make it so bad, but with all that has gone on this weekend…I totally forgot.


May 24

I don’t have much for you today Internet.

This past week has been just a wee bit frazzling.

  • I found out that the boy is engaged
  • Then he got fired from his job
  • Then he got sick
  • Then he was in the hospital
  • I found out just how uncomfortable hospital chairs are
  • I took a mental health day yesterday and it was good.


May 21

Hey Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

1. Tea or Coffee or juice in the morning, and why?
2. What’s your typical breakfast on workdays, and what on weekends?
3. What do you drink through the day?
4. Best snack?
5. Your favorite dinner when you cook for yourself alone?


1.  Water in the morning….and in the winter time hot chocolate

2.  Cereal if the boy isn’t here, and if the boy is here….cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage and toast.

3.  Water during the day.   I’m all about the water

4.  The best snack that I have is  a peanut butter granola wrap.   Take a flour tortilla.   Spread it with peanut butter.   Drizzle that with honey.   Then sprinkle on some granola.   Roll that up like a jelly roll, and slice into pin wheels.    Fabulous.

5.  I hate to cook for myself alone.   So I just don’t.   I’ll take a flour tortilla and put some cheddar in the middle, roll it up and heat for 1 minute.   Voila.   A cheesy.


May 20

It has been raining most of the last 2 weeks.

And when it hasn’t been raining, it has been threatening to.

All I have wanted to do is curl up on the couch and knit and watch TV.

And this is exactly what I have done.

Sunshine  I miss you.

Could you please come back and stay???


May 19

The Blonde came over for supper last night.

I hugged her, and squeezed her, and was just so excited.

I think I scared her.

I served her my Caramelized Apple French Toast Casserole.

All who ate it loved it.

To make it, make this recipe from PW, and between the bread and the topping add this.

  • 3 medium apples, peeled and cored
  • 3 tbsp. butter
  • 3 tbsp. sugar
  • pinch salt

Cut each apple in half, then each half into 8 slices, then cut those slices in half.

Melt the butter in a non-stick skillet.  When it is melted, sprinkle the sugar over top.   Cook this for a minute or two so that the sugar caramelizes.   Add the apples, stirring to coat.   The caramel might seize, but it will smooth out during cooking.   Stir and cook apples for about 5 minutes.

This will become something that I make for Christmas breakfast.

And cousin Jerry, no sweat or arm pit hair came in contact with this dish.


May 18

I do not like bread pudding.

It is just to eggy, and gross.

Elizabeth of Cake or Death? picked today’s TWD of Apple-Apple Bread Pudding.

And I didn’t want to sit out on two weeks in a row.

It just so happened that last week PW posted baked french toast casserole that had almost the same ingredients.

So I thought…how about I marry the two and see how it goes.

I’m gonna be serving this for supper tonight, so I haven’t put it all together.

But I’m gonna put the apples on top of the bread, then the topping.

I’ll post a final picture after it is done.

And speaking of getting married……

The boy is engaged to the Blonde.

We are just so happy.

If you want the original recipe for Apple-Apple Bread Pudding, go check out Elizabeth’s blog.


May 17

I watch Survivor.

I don’t watch much reality TV, but Survivor is different.

It is reality meets game show, so technically it isn’t a reality show.

So, last night was the finalle.


And let me just say that the girl and I were tickled to death that Russel didn’t get a single vote.


It made me smile to see him sitting there in the final three for the second time, and watch his face as his name was never called.

Not only was Russel arrogant and a bully, but his lust for control and his greed did him in.

He was just a nasty player.

I honestly think that Parvati played the better game, but her alliance with Russel in the end cost her the game.

I also think that Parvati deserved even the $100,000…but that is just me.

What do you think?


May 16

Today I am thankful for….

  • Superman who just works so hard for this family.
  • The boy who is working so hard, and becoming the man I always knew he could/would be.
  • The girl’s smile.   She makes my day when she smiles.
  • My lawn finally looking nice and not like it belongs in front of a haunted house.


May 14

It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

  1. What is absolutely the best cookie you’ve ever had?
  2. What kind of cookie you really not care for?
  3. What are some other cookies you are fond of?
  4. Grocery-store cookies are never as good as home made, but what’s a packaged cookie that’s still pretty good?
  5. Do you think cookies should be chewy and gooey, or should they be crispy and crunchy?


1.  The best cookie I have ever had is the Granola Grabbers from Dorie Greenspan’s cook book Baking From My Home to Yours.

2.  I do not like Ginger Snaps or Oatmeal Raisin

3.  Peanut butter cookies made with chunky peanut butter and peanut butter chips are another favorite, and butterscotch chip.

4.  Oreo’s are the packaged cookie that I will always buy…and Thin Mints.

5.  Outside crispy and inside chewy.


May 13

I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday, because sun!  you have quit shining and that is just not cool for the middle of May, except for the ever present laundry and the whole home schooling thing which I do ever day.

Unless you want to count the knitting of the sweater that I had to rip out and start all over ~~for the third time~~, and the eating of about half a bag of peanut m&m’s.

Today will be more of the same, except for the m&m’s.

I have hidden them to save me from myself.


May 12

Last week when the sun was shining, as opposed to this week when it hasn’t, I sat out on the front porch to enjoy the weather.

Momma and poppa bird were both very upset with me because I wouldn’t move so they could get back to their nest.

They hovered, and fussed and flew back and forth while I sat there.

I figured it was the least I could do since they have pooped all over my porch.


May 11

Hey there Internet!

Today is TWD day, but I still have a couple of pieces of Superman’s birthday cake around, so I didn’t make it today.

That and berries?   Have y’all seen the price of berries?

No?   Go look the next time your in your local mega-mart, but make sure you have some nitroglycerin with you to stop your heart attack!

Sunday evening, the boy brought home about 5 pounds of prime rib.

It is already cooked, and since prime rib has never, ever, ever entered this house before, I have no idea what to do with it to make left overs.   I’m thinking soup, but do you do that to prime rib?

I’m coming to you for ideas, before I just gobble it up as is.


May 10

Ever since Chloe got away from me while still attached to the pee-pee leash, she has been terrified of it.

Wait, let me clarify.

She is only afraid of the pee-pee leash if I’m holding the other end.

In an attempt to get her unafraid of me holding the pee-pee leash, I have been taking her outside and forcing her to just be there while I hold onto the other end.

At first, she would just cower and run as far away from me as the leash would allow.

The more often I have been doing it, the more comfortable she has become.

That is until I had the girl bring out the camera so I could take pictures of the mommy and daddy birds that are crapping living on my front porch.

Then she was all…. get me out of here.  Psycho woman is at it again.

And I kept snapping pictures.

And she was all…maybe if I look at the door really hard she might get the idea I want to go in.

And I was all…if you want to continue to eat the kibble I put in your dish, then you’ll sit still and let me take your picture.

Kibble?  Did you say kibble?

And we came to an understanding.


May 9

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

That is such a true statement.

Today I am thankful for my mother.

  • She makes me Easter baskets and hides them.
  • She spoils my kids rotten
  • She is always thinking of others
  • She loves, and loves and loves
  • She hates bugs, and is funny when she finds one
  • She is prim and proper, but can also be very ornery
  • She secretly wants a cat