April 29

About a year or so ago, my refrigerator decided it didn’t want to be a part of the family anymore.

It began freezing all the items on the top shelf, thawing the items in the freezer, and the door…well lets just say that duct tape came to live on the top of the fridge so that it was always at hand to tape up the shelving in the door.

Being that frugality is in over half of the genes in my body I forced the fridge to continue to work.

Every morning we did a little temperature dance…tweaking here and there to keep my food chilled.

Finally the fridge decided it didn’t want to dance anymore, and threatened a total revolt.

So, Superman and I went in search of a replacement.

We found one, and it came a couple weeks ago.

It is amazing the things that you find underneath your fridge.

3 pencils

5 cat toys

Enough cat fuzz to make a whole new cat

And the fly swatter that Superman told me we didn’t have.

Please note that there are no coils on new refrigerators.

That means that I don’t have to clean back there anymore.

Now I’m dancing a jig…solo.


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16 thoughts on “April 29”

  1. Congratulations on the new fridge! And what is it about cats and putting their toys under the fridge? Ours will deliberately shove their mice under there and sit and look pathetic, waiting for someone to take a yardstick and fetch.

    Check your owners manual and see if there’s a panel you can remove to get to the coils on the new fridge. Our new one has no exposed coils, but when my husband got curious and opened the panel he found lots of dust and cat hair on the coils. Apparently cat hair can get through any barrier. 🙂

  2. Nice! We did a dance between three freezers at the Sears Outlit last night. We still haven’t decided on which one to get. How did you decide on which refrigerator to get?

    For the record. I will NOT be taking a photo of the floor beneath our freezer. It won’t be pretty.

    1. That little space that you see is the only spot that we can have a fridge. We got the one that would fit in the space.

      Or I would have chosen a freezer on the bottom one with double doors on the top.

      1. We saw those at the Sear’s Outlet. Why would you want a freezer on the bottom? It looked like a big bucket to just dump things in. Then you would have to dig through it to get what you need, because what you need is ALWAYS on the very bottom.

        If there is an ice maker, it is very small. We need lots of ice in Florida.

  3. Yay to the new fridge and to no exposed coils!
    I did that temperature dance with the freezer this winter. Our freezer is in and unheated porch, so we were able to get it through most of the winter after it quit.
    It’s amazing what can end up under the fridge. I’m always amazed when I pull it out.

  4. I need the shelves out of your old fridge…we inherited a used one and those shelves r in bad shape! lol. congrats on the new fridge!

  5. When we moved our fridge once,we found forty little milk cap rings that our cat played with. I often wondered where they disappeared to. Nice fridge. Happy for you.

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