April 27

Growing up, the Mother always served balanced meals.





I would have been totally happy with the meat and starch and be done with it all.

I did eat my veggies because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have gotten the dessert, and to me the meal is just the precursor to dessert…right?

Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet picked today’s TWD.

Chocoblock Cookies.

They are full of chocolate, coconut, oats and fruit.

Well, someone made them that way.

Not me.

I made a ‘turtle’ version.

Pecans, butterscotch chips, and semi-sweet chips.

There is more add-ins than there is dough.

Which makes for a fabulously thick cookie with tons of flavor in every single bite.

I love these cookies.

I added in some vanilla, because I don’t make cookies without it, and I also used brown sugar instead of the molasses.

If you want to make the fruity version or the turtle version, go check out Mary’s blog.

I highly recommend my turtle version because fruit does not belong in cookies.


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51 thoughts on “April 27”

  1. You always make me laugh. I used to feel the same way as you do about fruit in cookies. Your version does sound yummy and they certainly do look pretty.

    I’ve been following along with your tale of woe about Photoshop being out of commission. I see that the problem has been remedied. This morning I checked my computer stats and discovered that I’m nearly out of photo storage…ackkk, so soon? I just got this thing. Time to figure something out and quick.

  2. Fabulous pictures. Really fabulous! I would’ve never thought of making a Turtle version……I bet they tasted as delicious as they look! That’s why I love being part of this group. So many creative geniuses sharing wonderful ideas! Thank You!!

  3. I’m putting on weight just looking at your food photos. You know what they say, “You eat with your eyes first.”

  4. “fruit does not belong in cookies” — OMG, my brother says the same thing, and refuses to eat cookies w. dried or fresh fruit. Now I know he’s not alone.

    I’m going to try your version for him and see what he thinks.

  5. Such strong opinions about fruit in cookies! lol
    I am glad you were able to make a version that you loved. I thought these were great. Your photos always astound me.

  6. Yum: butterscotch chips!! I brought back a bag of butterscotch chips from my trip to Canada last year, I should have brought more because they were soooo good!

    Your cookies look absolutely perfect!

  7. I love your version of the cookie. The original recipe is over the top! I’m not sure why molasses is even in the recipe. I love molasses in many things, but it didn’t seem to go well with all the other ingredients. Your turtle version is a keeper!

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