April 26

On Saturday, after a couple weeks fraught with fraughty-fraught-fraughtness, Chloe got away from me.

I wonder if it is because of this.

Why yes, Internet, they are little girl panties with 101 Dalmatians on them.

I have cream colored carpet and surprise!  she is in heat.

Fortunately, today she is back home…right where she belongs…wearing a pair of white panties with Lady and the Tramp on them.


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17 thoughts on “April 26”

    1. As soon as we can afford to fix her.

      The boy said something last night that was so funny.

      We had watched “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, and were talking how if that had really happened what kind of changes we as a family would have to make.

      The boy said…”Well, we could plant a garden, we have guns and plenty of ammo and a dog that doesn’t work.”

  1. Here in Canada you can’t take a dog home from the SPCA if it’s not fixed.
    When we lived in town, we had a cat from the farm that was in heat and making the most awful sounds. It was summer so all the windows in the house were open and one afternoon a neighbour boy knocked on our door to say, “It sounds like there’s a cat hurt in your yard.” The vet appointment was made as soon as possible!

  2. Glad you found her! Really it shouldn’t have been too hard, there can’t be that many dogs out there running around in Disney panties…

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