April 25

Today I am thankful for.

  • Superman looking for Chloe for almost 2 hours in the pouring rain
  • The girl finding Chloe
  • The girlfriend calming me down
  • Good neighbors who care enough to be on the look out for Chloe
  • Sally Hansen facial hair bleach


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5 thoughts on “April 25”

  1. Hahaha! That’s what I love about your blog CC – the curveballs!

    I am thankful:
    that my father-in-law was able to fly home from Oman.
    that we have family close by who can give me a ride home when my van breaks down in town.
    that we got rain when other parts of the province got more snow.
    for butter in my fridge – I’m baking this morning since I can’t go to church today.

  2. I am thankful for makeup to cover black eye and cheek(well almost)

    My best friend, Becki

    My great sisters(greatest in the world)

    Books written by Karen Kingsbury

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