April 22

As you know, Superman works at Stuffmart.

A few days ago, he came home shocked and horrified.

He was in the bathroom, washing his hands when he noticed a bit of commotion in one of the stalls.

The man was taking off his pants and Superman thought that he might be stealing something, so he just continued to wash his hands.

He came out and dropped his pants in front of Superman, asked him to look at his inner thigh, pointed to the toilet and asked him what kind of bug was in it.

Of course Superman backed up, and suggested that it most likely was a tick and left really quickly.

When Superman came home and told us this story, we all laughed.

And laughed.

And laughed.

And laughed.

And almost pee’d ourselves.

And poor Superman couldn’t understand why we were laughing.

He was just horrified….which made it all the more funny.

I had to ask him if he wanted me to check him for ticks.

PS. My photoshop will be out of commission for several more days, and I’m sad.

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10 thoughts on “April 22”

    1. I have a friend who has Lyme’s, and her struggles are awful.

      I wasn’t laughing at the tick, but at Superman’s reaction to the man dropping trow in front of him.

      Sorry if you felt that I was laughing at the ticks.

  1. Reminds me of a little story…

    Eight years ago I stopped asking ANYONE ANYTHING about medical conditions. Not that I ever asked anyone about medical conditions, mind you… However, if someone volunteered information that they were having surgery/going into the hospital, I would say something like, “I hope it’s nothing serious and that you’re feeling 100% again in no time” and usually, my reply wouldn’t be a problem. Until 8 years ago…

    Eight years ago I went to the post office near my home where all the clerks know me and I them. Well, one morning, I stepped up to the counter where, “Gary”, one of my favorite clerks greeted me as he usually does, with a hearty, “Hello! What are we sending to California today!?” However, this time, when I asked how he was doing, in answer to his having asked me how I was doing, Gary told me that he was well, but feeling quite apprehensive about a surgery that was coming up in a few days that would take him off his feet for a while.

    In response to this, I said what I always USED to say, which was, “Well, I hope it’s nothing serious and that you’re back here to help me with my packages very soon.” And to that Gary said, “Oh, I hope so too because getting circumcised is something only my wife wants me to do.”

    GOOD LORD! Like I really needed to know THAT! Now… even though it’s been eight years, I cannot see Gary without thinking about his circumcision! I also wonder how many other people know that Gary waited until his 50th birthday to be circumcised!

    My boss recently tore his calf muscle. And do you know that I am the ONLY person in the office that didn’t ask him how? Nope. Didn’t ask. Because I learned my lessons!

    As for Superman… I wonder if the guy was exposing himself to him. I would have alerted store security – but I guess you had to be there! Sorry it had to be Superman!

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