April 21


I got up this morning and tragedy of all tragedies.

My Photoshop wouldn’t work.

Part of the ‘file could not be found’.

So I have been working frantically for the last hour to fix it.

Frantically, Internet.

Pictures will be posted later.

I promise.


Well, let this be a lesson to me.

Don’t promise things that you can’t deliver.

It isn’t working. at. all.

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7 thoughts on “April 21”

  1. I feel your pain. I would be lost without Photoshop. I have a serious need to photoshop my pictures. I love love love digital photos and being able to play with them on the computer. And I love not having to develop film, or have a box of photos stuffed somewhere that I would constantly feel guilty about not dealing with. Now I can take as many as I want and look at them easily on the computer.

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