April 20

Melissa of Love at First Bite picked our TWD selection of Sweet Cream Biscuits.

I didn’t make them.

I have made about 43, 000,000,000…give a take a few… biscuits in my lifetime and this just wasn’t exciting to me.

Plus…I would have had to eat them all, because no one is home anymore to eat.

In total opposite of the man rushing off to help the Parents, the boy is dressed to run off to play golf.

Please take note that in the background, the girl is getting an education by watching Fox News.

Please don’t take note that the boy’s slacks desperately need ironing.


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22 thoughts on “April 20”

  1. Sorry Chic, pants need ironing is the first thing I noted. I can’t help it! Honestly! I’m an neat freak!!!! However he does look cute doesn’t he:)

  2. Men and ironing-he’ll get the need for it someday.:)

    These biscuits were pretty good-not as good as Thomas Keller’s, but they were really easy. And wonderful with ham and eggs!

  3. You’re smart. I found these biscuits a little too poppable, especially because I made them so small. These are good and quick and easy.
    Some people never learn, I don’t think my husband would think to iron wrinkly pants!

  4. I never noticed the blue trim in your home before until checking in on your blog yesterday. Then I drempt about it last night! It was the centerpiece of my dream…

    Everywhere I went, everywhere I looked, there were sections of cream colored walls with your blue trim outlining various square designs on them. Not sure what it all means. Yet.

  5. My husband would be sooo jealous! We’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather the last few days and the snow is all gone, but the golf courses are still brown. The small one closest to home opened this weekend and we took the kids (it’s only 9 holes, and Sunday it’s open on the honour system. We take the kids and the 11 year old gets to golf and the younger 3 kids get to putt.) And I did not notice the pants because, um, I don’t iron. I’m allergic to ironing.

  6. I violate every fashion rule there is before I even get out of bed. When you’re as plain as I am, what’s the point of fashion?

  7. Pressed slacks screams “nerd” don’t you know? At least that is what my boys tell me. So, the boy looks great dressed as a golfer as well…sort of like paper dolls, what will he be in next? Very fun. He is handsome! My goodness you know a lot about biscuit making from all those times…are you a southern girl?

  8. I have been married 38 years and have owned 2 irons. I had to get the second one because I gave the first one to Aunt Sandy ( Not because I wore it out )who needed it more than me.Willie, remember how much mom used to love to iron? She was one sick woman.

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