April 19

My dad has had shoulder surgery.


This last time he had it the doc said, no more doing anything because if the muscles tear, it can not be fixed.

So, Superman has been offering to help the Dad in any way he can.

A couple weeks ago, he went and mowed, tilled, painted, moved grills, etc for the Dad.

Can you guess how many fashion faux pas he is committing?

It doesn’t matter to me, his heart is solid gold, and that is more valuable to me than what he is wearing.

PS.  The answer is about 5


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8 thoughts on “April 19”

  1. He does have a heart of gold! We sooooooooooooooo appreciated him coming. FYI “the dad” did get a key start lawm mower so at least he can mow the lawn.

  2. I love that you say it doesn’t matter, but you still counted them up! 🙂

    But you’re right – a heart of gold is worth far more than fashion sense.

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