April 16

It is Friday, Internet and I am so very glad.

This has been a particularly stressful week here at the Chocolate house.

I am nosy today…well I’m nosy every day…but we aren’t gonna talk about that.

I want to know.

1.  What stresses you out more, money issues, your spouse, your children, or your job?

2.  What do you do to de-stress?


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19 thoughts on “April 16”

  1. I think I’m most stressed by my family and all of the things that are going on in our lives, dance classes, school, hubby’s graduate school, church events, etc. We are way too busy!

    I am trying to make Sundays a true day of rest. After church we’ll eat brunch together and hang out as a family. I hope it helps make the rest of the week less stressful!

  2. My children…..just love them so much and want them to have the best livs possible so whent hey make major “mistakes” it’s hard to watch.
    Prayer and listening to music help me destres!

  3. It seems as if this has been a really LONG week for me, I don’t know why though.

    1. What stresses you out more, money issues, your spouse, your children, or your job?

    I guess it would be any combination depending on what is happening in our life at any particular day. Your daddy has always said, “Worry doesn’t change anything, prayer does.” So that is how we handle situations.

    2. What do you do to de-stress? Pray and when I feel like I need to relax, I like to take a long soak in the tub with a good book and read.

  4. Money issues for sure… not enough money to be able to see my kids. That’s the hardest thing ever.

    De-stress? Is there such a thing?

  5. in this economy: lack of money is scary, fear of losing jobs, etc…
    de-stress, well cooking for one and sleep. the older i get the more sleep i need to recharge the brain and gear up for the days problems.

  6. Hands down… my boys! I do my best not to, but I worry about my Ranger every second of the day and when it gets like it is now, when we haven’t heard from him in almost a week from his deployment, I begin to really lose control over the ability not to freak out a little here and there. 😦

    My other son, the youngest, has no sense. Period. No sense of responsbility, duty, what’s right/wrong. I don’t understand how two boys born of and raised by the same parents can be so opposite. One is a warrior and the other is a vagrant. How do I de-stress? De-stress… What’s that?

  7. Definitely money issues… It such a stupid thing, right? I mean hello – I’m an American – I live in a house (granted, we can’t afford to own one, but at least we have a roof over our heads!), we may have to scrimp to afford groceries AND bills – but consider the alternatives! GOD IS IN CONTROL! Why is it so hard to trust Him with this? Forgive me Father!

  8. Oops – forgot the destress part… For me – listening to good music (air1.com) – LOUD – singing at the top of my lungs, typically in the car so as not to scar anyone for life… Talking/crying to God – telling Him everything – cause it just helps!

  9. 1. work is such a stress sometimes. I’m a teacher and it is hard when the folks in offices won’t let us do our job!!

    2. wine, wine, and more wine 🙂

  10. This week has been stressful for EVERYONE I know! Including me! Here’s hoping the upcoming week is better!

    1. Money issues ALWAYS stress me out – it doesn’t help that I’m an accounting student so I look at my bank account constantly.

    2. Wine and lots of it.

    I just found you on twitter and started following you! Yay!

  11. My 13 year old son. That boy is going to be the death of me. Anytime something can go wrong it does with him. Right now he needs to find out how much his math book is going to cost to replace, he lost it, and can’t find it. At least $60.00 and less than 7 weeks of school left. How I destress is think how lucky I am and how great my life really is.

  12. 1) All of the above.
    2) A large piece of cake- white with homemade buttercream frosting (butter, not crisco).

  13. 1. What stresses you out more, money issues, your spouse, your children, or your job?

    School work…my papers.

    2. What do you do to de-stress?

    Sleep (only to stress out more once I wake up! Doh!)

    Take care of yourself. Get a massage or something! 🙂

  14. I think I would say that “all the above” stresses me at different times.

    To de-stress I like to do a variety of things depending on the timing and my stress:
    ~take a walk
    ~go shopping – this one I always want to do when the stress is finances 🙄 the worst time to do so.

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