April 15

Tax day.

Have you paid your taxes?

I have.

Paid and paid and paid.

So, to put a smile on your face,  I present my American girl.

Wearing the Union Jack, and reading Dickens.

And all my ‘to be folded’ laundry in the background.


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10 thoughts on “April 15”

  1. UGH….I can’t even speak about taxes! I thought the American dream was to better ourselves and provide for our families… but NO! The better we provide for our family, the more taxes we pay.

    I think living in poverty is the way to go, then atleast I might have a chance of getting some of my tax dollars back!!! As it is, we are paying for every underachiever to keep reproducing and then we are feeding and housing them. Oh and I’m sure these same federally assisted individuals have also figured out how to use my tax dollars to pay for their cigs…and their cancer treatments for lung cancer.

    OOOPS…. sorry…. touched a sore spot!

  2. We have 15 extra days in Canada – tax day is April 30 here. My taxes were done a long time ago. There’s far more incentive to get them done when you get a refund!

  3. 7 counties in the Commonwealth were given an extension due to the flooding a few weeks ago. Our county was one of the 7. We have until May 11th. THANK GOODNESS!

  4. Yep, we filed back in March and already received our return. Due to the way hubby works they frequently take out too much based on our actual total income so we’ve been getting returns for a while now. We’re hoping to changes things so we get more in the paycheck and less of a return as we don’t want Uncle Sam collecting interest on our money!!

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