April 13

People rarely visit with each other anymore.

And if they do, phone calls/texts/tweets are made.

Schedules are checked.

Sometimes a new day is suggested.

It wasn’t always that way.

Back in the 1800’s, every morning people would drive around and visit with each other.

They would wear special visiting clothes, they had special cards made up, and tea was already prepared along with crumpets.

Then when people began moving west, and neighbors were few and far between, when a visitor would come~~always unannounced~~it was a special time and it was very important to serve them something.

When I come visiting, unannounced, today’s TWD selection of Swedish Visiting Cake will be perfect for you to serve me.

It takes one bowl to mix up, and bakes in 20  minutes.

That is if any batter makes it to the pan, because this batter is fabulous.

I just wanted to take a spoon and eat it all right then and there.

Fortunately for my visitors, I didn’t.

Self control.   Oh how I despise thee.

Want the recipe?   Go check out Nancy’s blog.

And wait for me to show up.


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37 thoughts on “April 13”

  1. Unexpected guests? Not my thing.

    But I’d love to try this Swedish cake recipe baked in a skillet, especially if it’s as easy as you say.

  2. I love having visitors over but I seemed to be affected by Murphy’s law. If I’m all ready for company no one drops by. When I’ve been running and the laundry, dishes and everything is behind then I have unexpected company:p. I like getting everything ready for them to have a pleasant time so I prefer to know they are coming.
    This cake is just perfect for a quick snack and tea=)
    I like that visiting was more of a priority in 1800’s it is a rare treat now. Great post! Thanks for sharing the recipe link.

  3. I love it–“If I came visiting, this is what I’d want you to serve me”. Great take on it!
    Surprisingly good cake and without any chocolate or alterations from me even!

  4. I’ll bake one for your visit if you bake one for mine! I can’t think of a more welcoming treat than this cake and its fragrances. Your cake is lovely, and I’m always in awe of your process pix. Thanks for baking along with me this week.

  5. Count me in as the one that sets up appts to visit. Although for the most part I do try to do it by phone call. I think it’s a control thing. I need to know what time, what day, what to wear b/c I can’t have my friends seeing what my house really looks when they aren’t here! HA HA! Glad you enjoyed the cake. But did we really need to see the butter measuring cup picture? My arteries are protesting 😉

  6. You make the past seem so comfortable. I used to think that way. I told Grampa McCarty that I thought I would like to go back to the good old days when everything was uncomplicated and comfortable. Grandpa contemplated what he’d just heard and replied, “No…..no, I don’t think you want that! Ohhhh no, you don’t want that at all!! NO, no, no!” He really burst my bubble that day.

  7. Head on down to Texas!! I love company!! And I’ll have this cake (and possibly crumpets and tea) awaiting your arrival 🙂

    And I’m happy to say that in Germany, my Oma gets lots of visitors for whom she loves baking for, so all hope is not lost 😉

  8. Oh, I would be delighted for you to come and visit with me! I’ll quickly bake this cake and we will polish it off together! All in the name of friendship, of course!

  9. This looks SOOOO delicious.

    I would bake this for you (that and a buckeye tart) if you came to visit me!:)

  10. I love your step-by-step photos, in particular the lemon zest – sugar blend. And love, love, love your witty post! And I think this should be THE cake to bake if we ever have a TWD get-together one day!!

  11. My favorite picture is the first one, the cast iron skillet all buttered up and ready to go. That actually might be one of my favorite pictures ever. It’s perfect. I’m glad you enjoyed this yummy cake!

  12. Nice post! It’s a shame that we live in such a face paced and techno-driven world. It’s so nice to just slow down every once in a while. Anyway, we loved this cake and I love your pics…but that’s nothing new! 🙂

  13. What pretty pictures and cute story line! I loved making this cake. You know, no one visited me but, I sure delivered a lot of cake slices … hmmmm

  14. Gorgeous cake! I totally agree with you – this cake would be perfect to bake when I come visiting too! And I thought the cake batter was just as yummy as the baked cake! =)

  15. this was almost too easy to be sooo good. Need to keep the ingredients on the shelf always and have a clean 10″ skillet.

    Looks yummy!

  16. I’ll come visit you-your cake looks divine! My husband’s grandma used to sing to him when he visited-“if I knew you were coming-I’da baked you a cake”. She would have had no problem with this one. I loved it!

  17. Someday I will come visiting, bring a card with my name on it, and sit on your porch and visit with you. You don’t even have to pick up any stray and errant items in your house that way, we will just visit and enjoy the outdoors. Can you make this cake for me? LOL…thanks! Looks wonderful, top five around here with me for sure.

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