April 9

It is Friday Internet, and the weather here in Pothole is all bi-polar and has gone off its meds.



Now…onto the nosy!

What does the perfect day~~weather wise~~look like?

For me, it would be sunny, 78º with a slight breeze blowing.   A low at night of about 60º, so I could sleep comfortably with the windows open.

It would also rain only at night from about midnight to 4am, so I wouldn’t have to water my garden.


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10 thoughts on “April 9”

  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me…warm enough to swim during the day, cool enough to walk a bit at night. Yep, I’m hoping to share your day with you!

  2. Perfect weather day is low 90’s during the day, while sitting on the beach enjoying the cool breeze coming from the ocean, at night down to the mid 70’s while having a beach party with friends and family.

  3. I think the perfect weather day would be about 82 degrees during the hottest part of the day and low 70’s at night.

    For the beach I have to agree with tmneill answers
    After beach time we like to go to shops and look around and then walk the beach and or sit on the balcony the rest of the evening. She gave the perfect weather to do all of that!

    BTW in exactly one month we will be leaving for Myrtle Beach and hopefully enjoying that perfect “Beach Weather”:)

  4. Can I live in your weather world? Please?
    I put this on FB, but even Dominic kept saying today, “Where sunshine, Mom-Mom?” and “I need sunshine” (everything these days is “I need” – “I need jellybeans,” “I need bike,” etc.

  5. ” I need” that weather. All year long !!!A trip to the beach would be nice.I feel that little green monster on my shoulder, Willie.

  6. This means I shouldn’t mention our current Central Florida high 70’s and breezey days with low 70’s to high 60’s breezey nights doesn’t it… if I were a better person I wouldn’t have. Please let me make up for it by admiring your blog so hard I can’t hardley stand it!

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