13 thoughts on “March 31”

  1. I’ll write your marquee; “Coming to a theater near you! The singing Von Brillhart family performing the Mel Gibson musical, “The Passion”, a light-hearted take on some Easter story, or other. Thrill at the shrill high notes of the leading lady, Chocolate Chic. See a real live Superman and his super chips! Don’t miss it! You will never forget it!”
    There! Now you won’t have to come up with some little ditty. I,ve done it for you.

  2. It was very impressive. Especially when they demanded to know where Jesus was and told Dean that by the end of the week Jesus would be dead. Dean told them , they would not take his life, but Jesus would give his life freely.Sent chills up my spine. Even though I have known that, it just did something to me.

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