March 25

It was sunny on Monday.


That has been a rare occurrence this year for Pothole, so when the sun does shine, we go soak it up.

Texting while lounging is done.

Eating hamburgers

while reading is also done.

Please note that the police are not there for me.

I’m a good girl.


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9 thoughts on “March 25”

  1. LOVE the girl’s bare feet! Perfect sunny day, indeed! Pedicures are just around the corner here too!

    I’m with Vanillasugar – now I want a hamburger. šŸ™‚

  2. Why would a chef stand for just a mere hamburger on a paper plate? Shouldn’t it have twirley something on it with a fancy garnish? Maybe a drizzled sauce on the plate with it? Have I been watching too much ‘Food Channel’?

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